3.3.1 Patch Notes


Isn’t there a ultras performed category after you finish a match that gives more if you do more than one ultra?


Yes there is.


I was curious boy that general clause. What do they mean by “ETA Immanent”


All kidding aside that sounds like the perfect thing to do. At least its easier than begging @rukizzel for a couple dozen options to turn off all the fun stuff. Oh you want an option to turn off taunts? You want to break ultra combos? You want to disable multi ultras? You want to disable hand to hand combat? You want a nice tea party? Sure thing, but it’ll cost ya. How does an extra six month wait for the shadow lords patch sound?
No!!! No please, no. Why? Please. No. Don’t please. Lol


Exactly. I hear people argue that Ultras are pointless all the time, which isn’t true. If you’re trying to level your character, you can progress a looooot of Fight Challenges at once during the Ultra alone, which of course gives us all the extra xp needed for leveling.

Just off the top of my head (there’s probably more), extended Ultras help advance the following Fight Challenges:
combo hits + ultras performed + instinct performed + shadow moves performed (one challenge for each shadow move) + auto doubles + juggles + manuals + aerial attacks (depending on the character)