With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)


This should be pinned in the forum hompage.
This is a recurring debate that leads nowhere…


Remember when Rash was announced for Season 3 and that kinda set off a huge new spark for KI?

bro imagine that with Joanna and a Lovecraftian in one trailer and I feel like we’d jump another 5,000,000 players.

I’m just sayin.


I waited 17 YEARS for ‘KI3’ I will GLADLY wait a couple more years for a glorious full tilt AAA budget KI4 on Scorpio/XboxNext or whatever.

With Eagle (who is a fantastic send-off character btw) KI 2013 is done…any more character additions is too much and too complex to balance and maintain. The game is about to be 4 years old and has made its mark and re-established KI as a franchise…let’s celebrate that and give MS/IG all the time they need to give us an amazing next gen fully fledged sequel .


… nah I still kinda want Season 4.


Agree 100%


I hope to god this is the end. Start working on a sequel. If not possible, then let it all die here.


I’m all in for Season 50 (and all between it and s3)


(Cough) Season 69…


Season 420 will be the best!


Yeah, S420, that’s when they’ll introduce a straight-up ninja…he’ll appear in a puff of smoke. :joy:


Disagree 110%.


Anywho it doesn’t matter cause MS is smart enough to know a Season 4 is overkill and useless at this point that’s the hard truth.

But hey you guys will eventually learn to accept it and get hype for KI4 on a new console…the right choice.


Let’s agree to disagree.



You have posted three separate, antagonistic posts as if this was some sort of contest and you needed to win people over. That’s not the case. But I think you’re making a huge mistake because you are highlighting a false choice. It’s is VERY unlikely that the decision is Season 4 or an awesome AAA sequel. It’s much more likely that the choice is Season 4 or nothing. So enjoy your nothing. Hard truth, smh.


I don’t know about you guys, but man is Eagle going to be awesome for a while. Who knows? Maybe we will get more info EXTREMELY Soon.

Plus, KI can’t die. I still need that Ultimate Source Kim Figure, and a Aganos Plushie lol


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :heart:


there’ll be no sequel ever… bleak.


lol I’ve certainly rustled some jimmies…I guess I should have expected that with how hive-mind this place is…anywho…

KI4 is more likely than season 4 cause like it or not KI 2013 is dying, the game has run its course…certainly not a bad thing 4 years is a great run but it’s time to move on.

And if you really think a season 4 is more likely than a new game youre smoking some laced ■■■■. MS needs KI to make a thing called MONEY…and sequels sell way more than periodic updates…look at Injustice 2. Give a game a real budget, take your time making it complete and the game will be a massive success.

The funny (and sad) thing about this forum is the circle jerk attack fest that goes on when anyone dares say they don’t want a season 4 and think a new game is a more lucrative prospect.

But by all means keep it up…it’ll be interesting to come back to this forum when a sequel is announced and they finally officially end content for KI 2013. The way you guys carry on I’m assuming you won’t buy KI4 cause you’ll feel wronged by MS or something.


Wait a minute…this is the thread where rukizzel said earlier today that KI now has over 8 million players and doomsday theorists are wrong, correct?

…ok, I was just checking.