With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is the end of KI (2013)

With the reveal of Eagle, i think this is gonna be the end of this KI.
If it would be, i don’t mind. This KI is a very good game with lots to do, but i feel afther 3 seasons and 3 extra characters, the cast is kinda complete, (over complete with bonus characters) its good to end this KI on a high note and look to the future of the next KI.
In about 2 years (2019) a new KI would be awesome.
This KI is from 2013, looks amazing and has a lot of content but when we look to what other fighting games bring to the table of content, KI is a bit behind.

So if this seriously is the end of KI 2013, i would like to thank the community manager for listening to the community and the developers for making this game around the community, what we wanted has Always come in first place.
The community wanted eyedol, we got him. Wanted ultimates, we got it. Wanted Eagle, We got it…
I have never seen a forum like this where the team behind KI did everything to communicate with the players and with the small team they have accomplish to make such a great game. Congrats !

I hope Microsoft gonna invest a lot in the future of KI / developers, cause this franchise needs to grow. KI has the best combo system in any fighting game out there.
Microsoft has a golden egg with this franchise, its time to invest big and conquer the world !


Honestly, while the cast may be “complete” there are still plenty of things people still want to see from this game. Some members of the cast still lack certain aspects, (Ultimates, Retros, Stages). And I for one, still want a traditional Arcade Mode that applies to every fighter.

Also, personally, I just like large rosters. Think Ultra Street Fighter VI, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I would love to see at least 1 more season. KI is a great game, and I think it deserves to last until the XBox One either dies or is completely replaced.


If the end is near,they should buff kan ra and arbiter before then.

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It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and so far we have no rotund valkyrie named Helga in the game, so I’d hold off on calling it a day for a while. There’s more possibility for characters hidden within Shadow Lords lore that could lead to a good 4 or 5 new characters: a vampire tsar, a windego, the Babylonian king…so there’s still more that can be done.


For what is worth, I prefer infinite seasons and extra characters for this game than a sequel

This is my fav FG ever, and I will support forever


Like, every survey character except Eagle and Eyedol. (And Technically the Archer character)


Id prefer a fourth season over waiting years for a sequel. They can still keep adding stuff to the game. Characters, modes, costumes, finishers, stages, Multiplayer features.

I’m crossing my fingers for a Season 4. KI still looks great and the netplay is flawless. Just needs a bit more polish here and there is all.

I’ll never understand why people bring so much doom and gloom to Killer Instincts model. If you’re done with the game then fine. Leave the rest of us to enjoy it and move along.


I think the idea comes from how most other fighting games have been handling their respective franchises over the years. With most of them you have a game, and then 2 or 3 years later you throw it out the window for the newest model. KI hasn’t followed that pattern because it’s been built slowly over the past few years, so now that that amount of time has lapsed (coupled with the fact that we just recently filled out the original casts from the first 2 games), people are just naturally assuming that KI’s on its last leg and they’ll be starting a new sequel with shinier graphics and a new roster of mixed returning characters and new faces, and since it’s starting to look like they’re not moving on it’s beginning to blow people’s minds because it’s not following the traditional FG patterns. To them it NEEDS to refresh in order to progress, because it’s all they’ve ever known.


As far as i can tell, It’s either a fourth season or no more Killer Instinct. The seasonal model is cost effective for Microsoft and its great for the players, i’ve never played a fighting game this consistently for such a long amount of time. Its surely a win/win. For example was looking forward to MKX like i do most mortal kombat games but i was done with it after a month or two and i was straight back to KI.

There is no indication at all they they will just wipe their hands of KI 2013 and then give it a huge budget for a full blown sequel. When KI 2013 is finally done it’ll be a few years at least until we see a sequel. But even then i still expect that to launch as KI2 season 1.


4 more characters and stages

we will get some news at E3 2017 if we get a season 4 or not.
I don’t wanna do negative, if a season 4 comes i buy it like i buy everything for KI but i don’t see it happening.

It’s been no secret that IG has been scraping by lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last hoorah for this version of Killer Instinct.

But as the devs has said… it all depends on you guys. If there are enough people wanting more and are willing to fund them, then there will be more. That’s what they’ve always said.

Whether or not if there are enough though…

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i kinda want another 8. There are just to many good ideas.

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isnt it MS who funds them? cause MS owns the IP…so MS contracts a company to make the game for them.

Essentially, its up to MS if they think its worth it. If it is, MS would contract them for a season 4 (for example).



But they would be overwhelmed and we wouldn’t see content as soon-
Everyone knows they are a skeleton crew

I’m not saying you are lying or anything, but i don’t know why you would have that impression. The reason they don’t have a lot of money to do all of these things is because they spent it all on shadow lords and gave it away for free. If Microsoft wants another season, they’ll probably give them a new budget.

where is everyone getting this stuff? It’s not like it’s an indie title.

This thread is so overly dramatic lmao.


You never know. Street Fighter IV got a 4th add-on with “Ultra”.


But you don’t have to be upset about that.