What to buy: Supreme or Definitive Edition?

As you can tell, I’d like to buy Killer Instinct. I bought S1 on Xbox One for a bargain and I really enjoyed it. Therefor I want to buy the ‘full’ game, but I noticed that a Definitive Edition is coming out next month. However, currently there’s the Supreme Edition, but it appears to be more expensive than the Definitive Edition and does not include Shadow Jago.

Generally I’d like to have my games on disc and not digital, but I was told here that if you buy KI digitally it becomes a cross-buy game with PC. I like the idea of that. But, the Definitive Edition only comes to the XBox One (retail and digital), so buying that one could mean it will not be cross-buy then?

Anyways, all I need to know is: What version should I buy for the ultimate KI experience?

I myself bought first the seasons 1 and 2 which were sold together. Just to try the game. After few weeks of playing I bought the season 3 Ultra Edition, which was on sale at that time.

It totally depends on your needs in the game. If you need everything in the game, buy everything.

Definitive edition has more stuff and is cheaper(I’m pretty sure the supreme edition will probably get a price cut) and its a physical disc sooo…


Definitive edition has everything supreme edition has (minus cross buy) for a cheaper price.


Definitive Edition. Hands Down.

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You are correct, the digital version is the only one which gives acess to both the X1 and PC versions through Play Anywhere.

Thanks guys for all the replies!

Definitive edition does not come with classic skins or premium character accessories, (that’s why it costs less).
But the definitive edition is cross buy (provided you have an Xbox to put the disk into). It is currently impossible to unlock content on only one version of the game. It’s the exact same account for PC and Xbox1. the reason it says XB1 only is because it comes on an XB1 format disc.

This is all wrong. Definitive edition does come with all the costumes and accessories and it is not cross buy. When you buy a game physically there is no ownership tied to your account, so as far as your account is concerned you don’t own the game.

hi there, I’m new to the forums and the game. I finally upgraded to Windows 10 and wanted to give Killer Instinct a shot. so far it looks pretty awesome. but as a PC player (I don’t have a XBO) I’m asking myself the same question. I probably would’ve bought the supreme pack but should I wait for the definitive edition? will there even be a PC version of it or don’t I need to bother and can get the supreme pack right now?

What is your source for this? I double checked every official announcement of the definitive edition and they clearly list every single thing that is included and say nothing about skins or accessories, (with the exception of the gold Gargos colour).
And they have clearly stated that everything in the game is cross-buy no matter what, on numerous occasions. Even the physical combo breaker edition is cross-buy despite being on an Xb1 disc!

I would just wait for the Definitive Edition. You get more, plus it’s on disc, and you get a thing or two you can’t get in the Supreme Edition like Gold Gargos skin, the physical soundtrack, and some behind the scenes footage.

Unless you want classic skins and premium accessories which are not in the definitive edition.

They aren’t? It doesn’t come with all the retros and accessories? That’s a bit odd.

It’s why definitive costs less than the supreme edition despite definitive coming with physical soundtrack and other bonus features. It would be odd getting more content for less money.

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I wouldn’t trust Xbox team as a source of valid information as far as I can throw them.

and I would like @rukizzel to confirm if he meant that the definitive edition can not be redeemed on PC or that the content unlocked by the definitive edition is disabled when playing on PC.

What’s odd is calling it “Definitive” when it’s missing already available content, IMO.

I always thought these Definitive/Complete/GOTY editions were supposed to be the all in one, everything we have to offer package.

I understand it not coming with color 10s that are figure exclusive, but not retros.

They are adding more skins/accessories latter, it’s just definitive character wise… unless we get more characters latter also.

Ok Guys so now that the Definitive Edition has been released on PC, I would like to know how it compares to the PC version of Supreme Edition - are there any “EXCLUSIVE” Definitive edition in-game goodies that us Supreme Edition or lower owners will never be able to access, or is it just everything already unlocked that you normally have to grind for, or what?

Also is it true that the gold Gargos Skin is a DEFINITIVE edition exclusive?

Hope someone can enlighten us - I just wanna know if it is worth spending another 60 bux or whatever for collection purposes or not :slight_smile: