Killer Instinct Physical Disc Problem On PC?`

So I bought the Physical Disc for Killer Instinct Season 1 But when i go onto the PC Version it won’t let me access any of the characters that i already purchased is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

I am wondering the same thing… I went through all the hoops with installing it on my xbox and did the save upload thing but can still only play as saberwolf

Exactly i hope killer instinct fixes this

but im glad im not the only one with this issue i think everyone who got the physical disc has this issue

Yeah disc owners are getting screwed right now. You’d think there’d just be a way to send them proof that you own the disc and they’ll send you a digital code but nope.

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i wonder how many people actually got the physical disc

I think the problem by doing this is that if you give someone a free code they can just resale the disc. Not having access to your games is one of the drawbacks about going physical. That’s why I purchase all my games digitally so I can play them where ever I can log in.

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The digital version is the only version that is cross-buy. The physical version is not.


Well they can resale the disc and just stick to playing KI on PC.

Yeah i can see why people go digitally the only reason why i got the physical copy is that i just got used to buying CD’S and keeping it a collection. Plus the cover art was nice :slight_smile:

Yea that’s true too

Is there a way to buy just the S1 chars digitally? The only thing that I see is a S1 and S2 bundle. I already have S2 so I’d rather not re-buy the characters.

The individual Season 1 and Season 2 packs are no longer available. We wanted to consolidate our offerings since there were so many bundles out there, especially with the launch of Season 3.


Well at the time KI came out that’s why I got the Pin Collection. Granted I still haven’t collected all the pins since some you could only get at PAX unfortunately :frowning:

Remember that entire Xbox One reveal fiasco where Microsoft tried to unify physical and digital collections and got roasted for it? These are the consequences.

The version I’d accept at this point would be a way to send my discs to Microsoft, have them snap said discs, and then apply the appropriate digital licence to my account via a code or whatever. I have one game disc (Forza Horizon 2, picked up in a bundle with the console) that I want to do this for. But that might not be plausible either due to the business realities of retail games.

Okay, this is awkward and crappy. I mean, I’m sure many newcomers appreciate the ability to purchase the season 1 + season 2 bundle at a lower combined price point, and most newcomers should be jumping on the Supreme Edition anyway. But this is bad for people who just want the season 1 characters (which was me when I was learning the ropes), and it’s pretty terrible for those like the OP who don’t have a PC license because of the disc thing.

I know you’re probably just the messenger, and you’re a cool guy who does a lot of good things for the community and puts up with a lot of garbage, and I don’t want to use impolite words on you over this. But could you convey some amount of aggravation when you relay this complaint on to…whoever you relay feedback to?

Wow that really sucks. Surely there is a way to get physical owners the PC version? Why not mail in the disc or the proof of purchase? I once bought a movie that had messed up subtitles and the company that made them re-released the film with proper subtitles but they also sent previous owners the new disc if they sent them the proof of purchase bar code along with an image of the original disc destroyed.

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So it looks like this issue is still not resolved have people given up and just bought the season 1 and 2 bundle?