Definitive edition for PC confirmed by Amazon i love you guys

im soooooo happy <3 <3 <3

26 character+ golden skin <3 <3 <3 this game better than any pc fighting game ( i dont count tekken pls )

Sounds fishy as hell, since the Definitive edition is marketed as a console exclusive bundle.

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quantum break was exclusive too but its on steam now.

Shouldn’t have to mention this, but unless its made official by the team, you should take this with a grain of salt. There has been no mention of a code for DE, just a disc. Don’t forget that there were fake listings recently of an odd-looking KI3 and SFV for X1

1-selling by amazon
2-game is crossplatform

Up to you to spend your money, just giving you a heads-up is all.

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name looks like suspicious about warner bros thing. did you click the link i post ? its saying by Microsoft. Idk what to tell i just hype for that because game is crossplatform i just like “why not ?”

I did. But I also have been following this discussion for a while.

I haven’t read anything more about the PC version in a while but if they confirm its legit, I’ll take back everything I said. @rukizzel & @CStyles45 some clarification please?

From my understanding the entire point of the DE’s existence is due to community requests for an up-to-date physical disc version. If it turns out that there will be a digital code option available I will be very surprised, but please bear in mind I have no additional information than what’s been shared on the forums.

I wouldn’t recommend making a big deal out of this until it’s officially confirmed or de-confirmed.

i dont know if you are following reddit or another gameplatform forums. many PC users asking DE for PC. this game is great. i’m sure many people cant deny that. i hoping DE for PC is true.

Again, I’m not saying that PC-only players wouldn’t be interested, but the point I’m making is that the purpose for the DE is about having a PHYSICAL version, not a digital one.

whata…? It wasn’t console exclusive?!? So put it on steam already.

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And pay Gabe a cut of the profits when they have their own distribution through Windows Store…unlikely.

I can guarantee you that this is not a real thing. It makes no sense.

quantum break will release on steam for weeks later.

on e3 there is a topic windows games will sales on steam. Quantum break is one of them.

many pc player wants full game version for PC. well it would be so sad for pc players if its not real.

p.s.: first time multiple quote for this forum i hope i make it right. if i did wrong sorry for that.

That’s not up for debate. But nothing about the plan for the definitive edition makes any sense for sale as a digital release .

And for the record there is nothing in the definitive edition that isn’t already available for PC except a gold Gargos skin. I think you should probably look up what is in the package and then you would understand why this makes no sense. All of this content (except the gold Gargos skin) is already available digitally. The whole point of the definitive edition is the physical disc.

EDIT: sorry, I lied. The DE also includes the original KI 1&2 arcade remasters that were done for the S1&2 Ultra editions on Xbox One. This is another reason it is unlikely they will be selling this is a digital download. Those items are not available for PC and won’t be available for PC just because they are downloadable in Xbox One.