What are you currently listening to?


Let me bust some moves in my stupidly big shoes!


when the one bolt you need strips, so you say “fuckk it all” and you end up at a dive bar taking 4 horsemen shots.




Just a few that I’ve been listening to lately. :slight_smile:


Ded are actually from close to where I live. Local Phoenix, AZ band. It’s not surprising they pop up on our local rock stations quite a bit :grin:


Wait… I’m from Chicago. What is a “local rock station” exactly? :slight_smile: We pretty much have corporate 70’s and 80’s pop, an R&B station and a channel that plays newer hipster banjo stuff by bands who sound like they got their names from mom and pop furniture restoration stores like Mumford & Sons. They play some 90’s alternative as well and there’s some good stuff mixed in with the crappier stuff, but yeah… Chicago’s not exactly a music station mecca, sadly.

But yeah, I got a new car recently and it came with a free trial of Sirius XM and praise the lords of rock, there are some stations with good music! I’ll be sad when the free trial runs out, but I’m loving it while I have it!!



This takes me back…


God yes. It’s too bad I can’t go straight to youtube to watch it since I have blocked all Sonic Forces videos to avoid spoilers. Still tho, I LOVE THIS REMIX. And that feeling of slowly but surely remembering the track felt so good.


Set the mood~


Any fans of 80’s hair bands will remember this 1 :smile:

special shout out to Legendary Comedian Milton Berle who appears in the video :smiley:


Their manager was Miltons nephew or something like that.


New Cannibal Corpse!




Ive been really digging this channel the past week. Some great debates and reviews. The guy that made the Documentary A Headbangers Journey.


Best mobile game I’ve played in a while.



omg that is the perfect analogue for life. My life, your life, their life, just life in general.