What are you currently listening to?

This is it. The good old ‘post a link to a song you like’. Or dislike. Or just want the opinion from other people.

To start this thread off!
New single by Children of Bodom just came out. I Worship Chaos.

Yay or nay? Do they still rock or are they lacking the old CoB magic?


I am listening to the sweet, sweet sound of fingers typing on keyboards and posting to forums once again. That counts, right?


a videogame ost playlist i made on youtube. it’s random. they’re mostly tracks i loved from some games (or other sources that may not be games). it’s getting pretty long lol

If you consider ASMR to be music :wink:

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Meshuggah remains one of my favorite metal bands of all time for their crazy technical work and interesting rythm patterns. Funny as hell video too :smile:


What am I listening to? The noise that is coming out of my brother’s room. :frowning:

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Some “light” Godsmack!


Moby - Ah Ah

GlitchxCity’s Silph Co. Remix. Because I like pokemon to this day (Not Ashamed!) Plus, the Leader of Team Rocket has the same name as me, so I guess you could say its my theme…Lol I wouldn’t mind! :smile:

I was sitting here just listening to the thug motivation 101 Jeezy album. Onto something else now.

I LOVE Imagine Dragons! I’ve been listening to their new album since it released in February and I’m going to see them at their Smoke + Mirrors concert later this year with a few friends!

However I simply cant get enough of KI’s Season 2 soundtrack, Omen’s theme is God-Like!

Whats up guys!!! Glad this topic is back up! I’m currently listening to Killer Instinct Season 1 & 2!! Plus the Original arcade remasters.
So far my favorite is Omen "The Herald of Gargos"
and of course Fulgore “Type-03” and Aganos “Polemos”

Mick is just Brilliant… not sure how Im gonna feel about the new guys…I hope they can pull it off with the same flare as Mick. …we shall see!

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And here I was hoping for your opinion on my first post up at the top on this thread :slight_smile:

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Ugly Duckling

lol why is “ugly” censored

I just now finally got to listen…(I’m at work)

Sounds great! Really digging the intro/main riff!

I think with this song they may still have a bit left in the tank!!! but… overall i think they lost me years ago…gonna take a lot of magic to get me back to listening to them consistently.

A lot of words are censored. This is a forum for KI yet you can’t type kil l in killer instinct.
They will go through the list and remove some of the censorings shortly. kill

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I’ve been listening to a lot of celldweller and Atlas plug just to get an idea of what to expect for season 3.
I’m not really into a lot of what I’m hearing but I’m sure they’ll do an awesome job.

Rashs theme is great.

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Aw man, @Nightswipe0 beat me to it! I was going to resurrect my old Music thread, but I’m glad someone decided to grab the torch.

This is my jam today:

Hats off to you Marbledecker!
This thread was also the absolute first in the off-topic section, let’s see how long it lives :slight_smile: