What are you currently listening to?


needs to happen sometimes man. i was overworked, frustrated, and stressed. went out and got wasted hard, lol i ended up at a bar that was out of vampire the masquerade one point in the night



Currently listening to Within Temptation… specifically Pale…


You know what I wish? I wish CC would do more comic books
Back in 2008 (I think) when they released Evisceration Plague, the deluxe edition at Hot Topic came with a lyrical comic, with 12 different stories inside with illustrations matching the lyrics of the songs from the album. And apparently they did it once before for the song Unleashing the Bloodthirsty.

Really brütal looking art for really brütal death metal poetry.
It’s by far the coolest thing that’s ever come with any CD I’ve bought, and it doubles as the best lyric booklet I’ve ever read!


Bloodthirst is my fav album but that era gets a lot of hate for the production of those 4 albums in that time line. I love it though. EP was ok… Im not a fan of he last 4… the magic is gone.

But yeah the comics are cool… probably a metal blade thing that helps promote the albums.





And Nois…ia




Just amazing


Normally I’m against posting X-mas related anything this early in the year but I think this is worth a share

Edit: Now that it’s appropriate season this is very good







Just got done watching Yugioh 5Ds. Soundtrack is pretty damn good.


One of my obsessions of late.
Reminds me of Mick Gordon with a splash of mogwai/ m83.

The whole album is fire.

great for my fellow artists who love an emotional trip for creativity or gaming bg music