Was Season 4 hinted at?

Because in no way was Season 4 confirmed. It is only hinted at, because that’s how some people took the hint. There has been no real reason to believe Season 4 will happen.

I am not saying it WON’T happen, I am merely saying there has been no reason to think it will.

I thought that was the obvious assumption after the video. Just a good natured joke.

However, Jago having 4 wins seems like an extremely odd coincidence given that we’re waiting on either Season 4 or a 4th KI game.

Maybe that was accidental. It’s entirely possible. Maybe they were trolling us s little. Or maybe this is as overt as they’re allowed to be about the future at this point in time.

The stage idea also seems just as likely too BTW, as they seem to be rather candid about the fact that they’ve heard all of the requests on the stages.

Ah, great sky genie, what does it all mean?! :slight_smile:

That’s just it though. The ? Implies doubt by asking the question while still maintaining it as a distinct possibility - that’s why putting it into the form of a question works.

For all we know, it could be a red haring, but that would be cruel.

Agreed. Man, could you imagine if we just started seeing 4’s everywhere and then one day, they just stopped? “Yeah, we thought it was funny at first…”

Oh man, I’d be so angry lol.

Either way, the answer would still be no.

:sob: But why when it makes perfect sense!?

I mean I’m sure there has to be other hints and stuff hidden in the trailer.

Oh sure, but none that I noticed.

Ultimate starts at the 5th hit… season 5 confirmed??


I called it

I think Ultimates take top priority of excitement of post season 3 content.

I only hope they don’t do a month by month character ultimate release schedule that would be the worst tease ever

If there is a season 4 I don’t think it would top ultimates

Really wondering how Orchid s and Kim’s will look!

1 of the devs was quoted saying they liked Maya’s ultimate, so I’m guessing that the ultimates are mostly done.

I am with @GalacticGeek. 4 wins is a hint. I think everybodys problem is that he pointed first.

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Pretty much,

Did they not say that the seasons model is dead now. I coulda swore @BlitzedKraig said it was so on twitter last night

So… take that S4 hints with a grain of salt

I expect irregular releases like Kilgore or the 2 remaining characters, without the time constraints of a scheluded season.

It probably just took whomever recorded that 4 tries to do the ultimate.



I would like a S4 Yes please

I would honestly say adding Ultimates into this iteration of KI pretty much confirms that they’re sticking with this KI for the time being and KI 4 isn’t happening any time soon. Why would they go ahead and add content of this nature to a current game if they were just going to throw the game out the window in the next year or 2 in favor of its newer shinier sequel?

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