We are NOT getting KI4! And here's why

I’m just tired of people who claim to know what’s going on behind the scenes of KI and know EVERYTHING but don’t know anything! I was playing with my friend who claimed to be a MAJOR KI fan that had all they games and said that Thunder’s stupid excuse for a “Retro” costume was apart of KI2 and that Sadira was apart of KIGOLD. I’m just tired of people thinking they know KI when in the reality they’re on the outside looking in.

Sadira was never in ki gold, this is her debut game same as hisako. Although Saberwulf had a money in ki gold that I really miss. I wish this one had his ground pound stagger, his floor fire howl, and his round about slash (it’s been ages since I’ve played ki gold and I can’t remember the names of the moves, I just remember what the moves look like)

I found it. I still don’t know the move names but they are displayed in the first 3 fights. I haven’t watched the rest of the video.

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much rathe Season 4 over a Seaquel anyway

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Except for the part where they said there will be no more “seasons” because KI has “outgrown” the seasonal model. So, really, any talk of a sequel, and ESPECIALLY of “S4” make you look real real dumb, OP.

There will be no S4, instead there will be intermittent content releases throughout KI’s future.

And I hope both the MS team and the fanbase can not be such rotten bxtches about content in the future.

Not that I don’t belive you but where did you hear this?

Considering that they planned on supporting this game throughout the Xbox oine’s life span.

Enter in my quote so you can see the Twitter messages

Alrighty then.

so where getting them piece by piece. Okay that make sense.

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You don’t have to believe me, that’s fine. They said it on stream, so whether or not you believe me, the reality is that the seasonal model is over.

EDIT: I was late, but I still have to scoff aloud at the notion of disbelieving reality. I don’t just make ■■■■ up.

EDIT2: Sorry for the rude response @justathereptile, I misread what you typed as “Now that, I don’t believe…” instead of “Not that I don’t believe you…” which is what you said. Sorry again, my raptoran friend.

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Someone already told me that they are changing the way they release content for the game. It was on a twitter post.

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could it be possible that by “season4” they’re apporaching it another way?

Also while I can understand you disagree the idea of it being a KI4…You don’t have to be rude to the people who think it’s gonna be a sequal. XD

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Reboot? ok, then the official name seems to be “KI Shadow Lords”. But if you check the story it’s not like things hasn’t happened before. Jago and Orchid were in their 20’s and now they are in their 30’s. The story has advanced from KI1 and 2. This is KI 3 with another name.
It’s not that the games just got updated, but I can imagine that after 20 years bringing a game back and call it “3” maybe it’s not the best for marketing.

No, this KI history is based in the previous one, but is not a sequel.

Jago and Orchid are older, but the events of KI1 and KI2 never happened in the current canon

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Well If you think about it, if ti was sequel Combo would still be wearing his eye patch, how did he get his eye back when he clearly lost it in a fight during KI-1?

Magic! I mean…Ultratehc’s thingis…

Deux Ex Machina, it’s a game. Same as in GoW 4, Anya was supposed to be infertile, how on Earth she had a kid? Magic!

They mean season 4 …calm down. This doesn’t warrant an entire new thread.

But on Mortal Kombat Reboot they called it MK9. We all know KI 2013 is a reboot. Chill bro. Take it easy. KI4 means the fourth installment of the franchise.

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Actually, they don’t mean S4, they mean the end of the seasonal model. From here in, it will be intermittent solo releases. They flat out said there are no more seasons. They said it on stream, and have reiterated it several times over on Twitter.

Where did you and all these other people get the idea that they meant precisely the opposite of what they said?

No dude…whomever is running around saying #KI4 confirmed…those people. they doesn’t mean IG or MS…they means the person the OP is bitching about.

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OH MAN, okay, I get it now. Lemme break it down, cuz I think what has happened is some folks aren’t bright enough to laugh at jokes, and instead take them as factual realities.

At the beginning of yesterdays stream, Keits and Isaac were joking about a “tiny tease” near the end of the stream. That “tiny tease” was not tiny, but the Ultimate reveal. Because they used the word “tiny”, some rather dense folks didn’t understand the Ultimate reveal was the “tiny tease” and started looking REALLY hard for something tiny that could be a tease for anything.

Later that afternoon, our very own village Geek posted a thread highlighting this “Jago, 4 victories” thing, and (presumably) facetiously made a big deal out of that being confirmation of S4. I am quite certain Geek meant it as a joke. Some folks may have misinterpreted that same item as confirmation of KI4, and done the same as Geek, perhaps more seriously. Either way, Jago’s 4 victories were meaningless, of this I am 99% certain.

In short, Jago’s 4 victories were a meaningless coincidence, and the “tiny tease” hinted at by Keits and Isaac was in fact the Ultimate reveal.

There is no season 4, nor is there any talk of a KI4. There are legions of not-very-bright individuals (such as our lovely OP), however, that aren’t great at deciphering sarcasm and humor, and so here we are.

Again, there is NO SEASON FOUR.


Does that clear up the confusion?
(no rudeness or irritation directed your way, Fall)

You will be disappointed. The 4 was the hint. The ultimate was not hidden,

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