Was Season 4 hinted at?


I called it

I think Ultimates take top priority of excitement of post season 3 content.

I only hope they don’t do a month by month character ultimate release schedule that would be the worst tease ever

If there is a season 4 I don’t think it would top ultimates

Really wondering how Orchid s and Kim’s will look!

1 of the devs was quoted saying they liked Maya’s ultimate, so I’m guessing that the ultimates are mostly done.

I am with @GalacticGeek. 4 wins is a hint. I think everybodys problem is that he pointed first.

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Pretty much,

Did they not say that the seasons model is dead now. I coulda swore @BlitzedKraig said it was so on twitter last night

So… take that S4 hints with a grain of salt

I expect irregular releases like Kilgore or the 2 remaining characters, without the time constraints of a scheluded season.

It probably just took whomever recorded that 4 tries to do the ultimate.



I would like a S4 Yes please

I would honestly say adding Ultimates into this iteration of KI pretty much confirms that they’re sticking with this KI for the time being and KI 4 isn’t happening any time soon. Why would they go ahead and add content of this nature to a current game if they were just going to throw the game out the window in the next year or 2 in favor of its newer shinier sequel?

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when/where was this? :smiley: I’d love to see this!

Man this doesn’t mean that there is not going to be a season 4. It means that new seasons will not be released as a package but as pieces. As long as the community supports season 4 will be happening. At least that is what i understand. It would be nice if a @developers gave us some more light about the plans.

Yes, I’m not saying that we are not getting more content at all. I don’t even believe that we are not getting a traditional season someday

I just say that we are probably having more “non season” content, like Kilgore or the 2 remaining characters, who doesn’t belong to a season

Yep, i think more likely seasons won’t be scheduled but what happens in the next year or something will be wrapped up as a season. Looks like a full season may seem a bit risky for the devs so they are going step by step.

IMO it’s not a matter of risk, it’s a matter of schelude

When the game was smaller(less characters, less stages, less modes), it was easier to make it big. For example, creating TJ and TJ stage was done with the 8 original characters in mind, and the 8 remaining for S2. The lighting on his stage was done with 17 characters in mind.

Now, Kilgore is made with 26 characters in mind, 21 stages in mind. It’s a lot work to do(hitboxes, lighting, design, ULTIMATES…)

Creating a character now it’s more time consuming than in S2 for this reason. So, they can’t follow a montly character release. IMO and being generous, the next character may be released in march(KI cup), and the next one month before EVO. But maybe it’s a longer schelude, and we get them later

Well, it certainly could be a sign that KI4 isn’t happening anytime soon, but given that this has been the most requested feature for quite a while, it could just be the final touch on this iteration. A final “thank you” to the fans that have been asking for so long.

Truth be told, I’m not making that argument, or any argument one way or the other. I’m just not entirely sure how Ultimates are actually a sign of more things to come. Could you possibly elaborate on why those specifically make you think that way?

FWIW, I hope it’s not a sign that this KI is ending, as I’d love a 4th season.

I don’t think that 27 characters is so much bigger problem than 17. I don’t know, there is also has been 5 months from the previous character release. Also they did it (the monthly thing) some months ago, now is impossible?

I have one question. Which is a huge huge number of characters?

For me? None. I would try to learn the basics of every character KI could take.

30? Fine
50? Better
100? BRING IT!

But considering lighting, ultimates, match ups, design variety… 30 characters is a quite formidable number

Honestly not really. It’s just adding finishing moves like these to every character this late in the game’s lifespan doesn’t seem like something they’d do if there’s a new game on the horizon. I would thing they would just save those ideas to add them to the new game, and then possibly build off of that. I mean adding a few remix characters, yeah, sure…they’ve already shown it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort relatively speaking to add someone that is 80% something already in the game anyway, but an entirely new set of finishing moves for what will likely be everyone? Yeah, that doesn’t seem like something they’d add on the tail-end of a dying game.

100% agree

KI sequel is not in the plan. Long life to this KI!!!

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