Was Season 4 hinted at?

In the gameplay prior to Jago’s ultimate reveal towards the end of IG’s Kilgore gameplay stream, you can clearly see that he has 4 wins.

…this can mean only 1 thing…


You’re welcome. :grin:


It’s either a really vague hint, or just a coincidence. I agree though, and think we will be getting a fourth season. With Kilgore funding the 2017 competitive scene, larger prize pools may draw in more players. If this is the end, then 2018 prizes will likely be significantly smaller than 2017’s prizes. That could make new faces in the pro scene ditch KI after this year’s tournaments.

Plus, PC just got KI, so it would suck if the PC players got a game near the end of its content lifespan. If anything, S4 is likely coming down the line, but ultimates, skins, and these three characters will keep the game fresh until that happens.

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after that character poll from a few months ago, id be surprised if they didnt make a season 4. Djinn, Lovecraftian and Joanna Dark were pretty well recieved.

I wouldnt say 8-9 months as just getting it but its definitely no 3 years like the xbone has had it. I have a feeling since S3 came out in march, that the new content hit within the next few months and then a potential big announcement on if and how the season is coming out will hit… most likely at KI cup/combo breaker potentially.

I would say “Season 4 Hinted” instead of confimed, could lead to misunderstanding

Hope you are right tho, I thought the same as I saw the 4

4? I dont see that… :confused:

I didn’t watch full stream until reveal Ultimates.

As there has not actually been a confirmation, do not try to pass off predictions as confirmation.


Alright fine, but I gotta ask - if it’s not for S4, then what do you think it is it for?

As long as I got dibs on spotting it. I called it 1st (here on the forums)!

Its kind of unfair cuz if it was someone else who made this post. No one will say a thing and he actually has a point. Keits asked us to find the hint, And he did. Why are you guys so biased ? The 4 is clearly not a coincidence, season 4 confirmed makes sense


Thank you for your support.

Hmm… well there are FOUR characters with no stage related to them (Kilgore and fulgore now share a stage pretty much)
4th character incoming?

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Ooh, good theory (regarding stages)!

Did nobody stop to think that it’s possible the repeated mentions of “look for the subtle hint for something different” were obvious sarcasm about the Ultimates that tons of people were asking for endlessly?

I’m not saying the 4 Wins isn’t also a hint, I’m saying nothing was confirmed, so it was not ok for the thread to be called (or claim) Season 4 Confirmed.


Can you at least change the thread title to Season 4 Confirmed? then?

No; “was it hinted at” should be plenty obvious as to your guess and does not risk misleading anyone.

If you’re concerned about “dibs” just make sure you pay attention to your own thread so you can quote yourself in the future if you turn out to be correct.

These are the same guys that said eyedol would never comeback! So there’s some hope in this theory!

What if the 4 wins represents 4 successful years of KI huh.

I hope not.

You never know it could mean both.

How is adding a ? to the end of the original thread title still misleading?