Voice work of KI

To the devs: Can we have a list/cast of the actors/actresses of KI’s characters?


Go watch the credits. :wink:



The ones I know:
Jago, Mike Announcer, and possibly Shago - Mike Wilette
Glacius - Jean-Édouard Miclot
Thunder - Ken Lobb
Sadira - Erika Harlacher
Orchid - Anzu Lawson
Spinal - David Robert Donatucci
TJ Combo - Patrick Seitz
Kan-Ra - Edward Bosco
Riptor - Zachary Quarles
Hisako - Alpha Takahashi
Cinder - Ray Chase
Rash - Sean Chiplock


Sadira had two

The first sounded like an old woman

The only way to hea is in the microsoft reveal stream and part of the sadira trailer


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And let me add something: If I’m not mistaken, Zach Quarles is also the voice of the new S2 announcer (after Willette, Sutherland, and ARIA)
You can hear Zach as the announcer in the char select screen, he replaces Willette as the announcer of season 2.


How does what I said make me not a nice person? It’s a simple statement of truth and an answer of how the OP can answer his own question. I’m not going to go out of my way to do all of the work for a complete stranger who should be able to figure something so simple out on their own. You can’t just be given the answers all of the time. I’m sorry, but life doesn’t work that way…

Nobody is asking you to do anything. Just share what you know. If you don’t know, let somebody else answer. The question was legit.

Forums are made precisely for answering questions. And the one by the OP is not precisely common knowledge. I am delighted to know the sound director for KI is the voice for Riptor, so I contributed with what I could.


…and I did.

I have nothing wrong with your post, so I’m surprised you’re trying to defend it, unlike you, who happen to be judging mine.

Could you clarify what you meant about Season 2’s announcer? I’m rather confused… Did you mean there is a fourth announcer option (Aria, Mike, Chris and a new one)?

Thanks for the information guys. For the record, posts saying things like “you should go and look at the credits”, whilst it’s a legitimate answer, aren’t as helpful as you might think. Not meaning to insult anyone, just advising. On a personal level, I can’t see the credits. So unless people had contributed a list, as they have done here, I might’ve been left in the dark with it, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Also, as a slightly off topic side note, I believe T.J and Scorpion from MKX are voiced by the same person, correct me if I’m wrong.


yes, there’s a fourth one, Zach Quarles.

Since Mike Willette worked for Double Helix, he was unavailable to do the voice over for the new Season 2 characters (i.e. shouting their names in the character select screen)

Then Zach Quarles took over the role of Willette for the rest of Season 2. We were told that, eventually, to avoid inconsistencies, Zach would replace Mike entirely. This hasn’t happened yet. We don’t know if this is still the plan.

So, as of now, when you select Mike as your announcer, Mike does the following voices:
combo announcing, ready, awesome victory, supreme victory, fight on, perfect, shadow counter, combo breaker, counter breaker, 1 2 3 shadow breaker, and the season 1 character select names.

Zach does the following ones: Season 2 character names.

Hope that clears it out.


Thanks for the clarification, I always thought things sounded a little odd. But I like Mike’s counterbreaker shout " counterbreakerrrrrrrrrr!". I think they should get Mike back if they can in future to re-voice the new names. Or maybe just make Zack a separate announcer as well - more announcers would be even better.


+1 exactly…

You’re off-topic. :smirk:

Just to clarify - I was Aganos and Riptor in S2. I’m not the actor that provided the additional announcer content that augmented Mike in S2. That is someone separate and that will continue for Season 3. I’d still like to at least change all of the character selects to a unified voice for that announcer in S3, but as everyone knows, there are a lot of moving parts so I can’t make that promise just yet. I’ll keep you all updated on that front in the coming weeks/months.


I was wrong then. Thank for clarifying and keep the good stuff coming!

Today I just learned that you also provided grunts for Aganos! Interesting!

Wow, so the vocalizations that agarnos makes when putting up a wall is based on your voice, or all the little growl type things in his intro? That is awesome stuff.

Yep! Basically, any time he makes a grunt, groan, moan, etc…there are actually a few phrases in there that he says in Greek. It’s my voice morphing with a chunk of concrete dragging across another concrete slab.

…I also had the flu when I recorded that voice, so that helped. :slightly_smiling:


That is a really awesome thing to know! What cool audio engineering you get to do…

A lot of us really like the Mike voice from Season 1. He sounds like an absolute nutcase on steroids and thats what we want to hear! If I could make a suggestion, while it may be too late for the change, is to have Chris sound more like when he says “Ready (KI2)” - “Continue” - “Fight On” - “Perfect” - “Awesome Victory.” That low dark voice is the best for him. Some of the callouts like “Counter Breaker” do not sound right and off “tone.” I would make “Counter Breaker” for Chris sound more like “Ultra Combo” but shorter. This is just my opinion and I know I’m not a pro (that’s why you’re at the controls) but I wanted to voice it directly to you.

Does anyone know anything about the Hisaco voice actress? I find it very interesting that this character speaks Japanese, and a friend of mine who speaks the language says that Hisaco speaks the language fluently. I’m wondering if the voice actress might ahve had experience/be from Japan because some of the grunts and stuff don’t seem like just grunts, they seem, well, a lot like that culture. I don’t really know how to describe it but I find it quite interesting.