Chris Sutherland is back for season 3

Yeah, Mike is the default announcer. Chris is the “classic” one, and obviously ARIA is ARIA.

Note to Self: Switch Announcer back to “Mike” for the time being.

Because he stopped doing announcing after Season 1 when he left with Double Helix and Season 2 was some wizadry voice acting by someone we don’t know. I remember for a short while TJ combo sounded way different when the announcer said it. Not sure if he is contracted for Season 3.

Right now there is left over announcer stuff from Mke’s season 1 work and a new guy who did season 2 characters. It explains why no announcer says “Flip Out” they don’t have Mike to say it.

Chris is the Retro announcer from the original games. He is here to record the new character names probably. The fact that they are just now recording confirms the game isn’t complete until the end of the month.

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Yes we do. It was Zach Quarles, audio director of KI.

Where did you find that out? :slight_smile:

I think it was said in the forums a while ago. I tried to find a source but googling “zach quarles season 2 announcer” only brings up an old post of mine claiming the same.

Well, Why don’t we ask him? @SasquatchPotato, do you have any input on this? Or is it something we should wait for? Just wondering as the Announcer is a very important part of KI, and you are the Audio Director! :smile:

I only use Classic Announcer anyway yassssss

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I was missing Mike in the stream yesterday. :pensive:

RIP Mike announcer :cry:

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I just came by this and it is the most marvelous thing I’ve ever watched feat. Chris Sutherland.
(I LOVE seing the developers talking about the process of developing a game).

If they completely get rid of Mike’s announcer pack, they’ll be passing off a lot of people.

I will say though, I haven’t used Chris’ pack since S2 started, so I hadn’t heard how bad the guy they got to fill in for him was. They might have brought Chris in to re-record the S2 names and get the S3 names done right, instead of just glossing over them. The S2 names from the classic pack is terrible.

They might be re-record ingredients S1 stuff with the new guy because of the imagined inconsistencies with the Mike pack from S1 to S2. I just hope they don’t ■■■■■ with anything in-game and only get the S1 character names redone. I’m just worried they’ll ■■■■■ with the combo callout from Mike, and those are perfect

Actually it was Mike who didn’t record the rest of S2 names besides Maya and Combo because he was from Double Helix, if I understand correcly. Chris apparently recorded every character.

I hope it’s more than that though. There’s some such as shadow counter and especially counter breaker that Mike just nailed. Chris was just plain flat.

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I had heard that it was both that were replaced by another voice actor in S2

I do like Chris’ Counter Breaker callout occasionally. It’s hype, but a different kind of hype.

I don’t begrudge anyone using the Chris announcer, because I do use it occasionally, but only in survival, so I’d never heard the character name callouts.
It’s good, just not hype enough for the visual hype of the game

Hi hope they don’t remove mike, he is by far the best announcer, and he was even better before the season 1 was released (THAT VOICE), my impossible dream is the return of that version of mike :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Mike, in my opinion yells Ultra, Godlike, Combo Breaker, and Ultimate better than Chris. Chris sounded better in KI 1 and 2. In this game, most his call outs sound flat, especially Combo Breaker and Ultimate.

I’d much rather a mix of the two. I’m not a fan of that Ultra, or that Counter Breaker, but the combo callouts are awesome

While there at it, I wish they’d bring the Ultra music back from the pre released version. Note Jago’s Ultra music at the end of this clip.


Those kind of came back with the recapture ultras, but I would like them to come back for the first ultra so I can hear the better version if I’m a character that doesn’t have a recapture

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