Chris Sutherland is back for season 3

new lines for the announcer? voicing a new character? so hyped for this!



Thank God.

stage ultimates and character names

Narration for story possibly? Man the news is slowly creeping, so close.


huh, did he say “rare” in that tweet? has rare ever helped with voice overs? I think someone said rare helped with rash a little bit, to what extent I’m unsure.

if Chris is just bearly doing voice work at the 1st of March, u can bet your sweet bottom SE3 won’t launch unti the last day of March.

Character names. Chris didn’t do the narrator in the rival mode, so I wouldn’t expect him to do anything in whatever story mode they are doing this time around.

ya. long ago Adam said that at some point they were going to have to re-work the announcer. he remarked that the voice was too inconsistent to ignore. without a doubt they are focusing on quality this season. which in turn leads me to believe mike announcer is gonna be scrapped. Adam also mentioned the current voice work for saying all the characters names (except fulgore oddly enough) are temporary and not final.

When was that said?

I hope not. Mike is my favorite announcer. If I get S3 and Mike is gone…replaced by a “not as hype” guy, I’m going to be pretty disappointed.


Yeah it’d be nice if they reworked the announcer and made everything sound more consistent. Glad we’re getting Chris voice 2.0 if that’s what it is. If it’s just new names and what not, that’s fine too, but a full rework would be cool.

As for the Mike voice, on one hand it sounds fantastic. But on the other, it’s got it’s issues as far as sounding similar from season one to season two.

I really wish they could just contract with him for a day or two and have him come in, redo the stuff that doesn’t sound right, and add the voice work in for season 3 that needs to be done. There’s a lot of voice work that he did that’s worth keeping, but it’d be awesome if all of it was up to par with a lot of the work he did in season one.

Still, I’m guessing that’s not something that can happen (or it likely would’ve happened by now for season 2), so if they have to scrap it entirely, I’m okay with it. I do hope, however, that if this is the route that they decide to go with, that there’s a new announcer voice option for season 3. Maybe a deeper, more demonic “Gargos” voice? That’d be pretty cool. :slight_smile:

he said that a while back when when season 2 started. they had mike for SE1 roster and a stand in for TJ and Maya at launch of SE2 later followed by the voice work for the rest of SE2 with the stand in. then they reworked all of season 1 with the season 2 flavor.

the quote Adam saying these things are lost in the old forums or I just don’t feel like vetting my sources. I can assure you these things were discussed at great length.

I hope they got Chris to go back & fix some of the inflections he did on his voicework. There were a few things he did back in the day…some of the character names(Thunder comes to mind), some of the combo announcements…that sounded dark & sinister & now sound kinda…happier?..campy? My opinion: If they’re going to going to do a retro announcer, make it match the original as close to exactly as possible (except where they’ve added stuff…obviously it’d be silly to say he should say Kan-Ra’s name ‘the way it should be’)…because when you’ve heard the same audio clip over & over & over for years any variance to that sticks out like a sore thumb.

This is what I’d like to see.

This. I’m pretty confident in IG and MS that they will make the right decision here. If Mike’s voice has to go, I’m sure they will replace him with someone worth replacing him with. If they just add a new announcer and just patch Mike’s like they did in S2 though, though you could tell the difference, I’d still take that just to keep Mike.[quote=“ShellShock520, post:10, topic:5384”]
the quote Adam saying these things are lost in the old forums or I just don’t feel like vetting my sources. I can assure you these things were discussed at great length.


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It’s cool that they got him to come back. I’m sure it’s to read the names, but we will see if it’s anything other than that. I wouldn’t put money on it.

Not to dismiss any of this, but sometimes I think people might agonize a little too much over the inflections etc.

Mike is my favorite announcer. If I get S3 and Mike is gone…replaced by a “not as hype” guy, I’m going to be pretty disappointed.

+1. Not a dealbreaker or anything, but Mike was my favorite, I never switched off of him because neither announce brought anywhere near as much excitement to the game in my eyes (or is it ears, in this case?). The way he screams “ULTRAAA” has become almost an iconic part of the game, I feel! He will be missed if they do end up having to scrap him.


Lol! His scream is my txt message ringtone! But yeah, it’s not a deal breaker, just one of those “le sigh” moments.

I recently switched to ARIA, and she just doesn’t bring it. I love the OG announcer, but honestly, Mike is just more intense.

I use Mike exclusively, and I actually really struggle to even watch someone stream gameplay using Chris. I get that it might be nostalgic to people who were really into the arcade games, but Chris’ announcer sounds somewhat disinterested and campy, rather than the serious adrenaline you hear in Mike’s announcer.

I remember hearing that Mike did the voice for Jago as well, but we lost access to him when Double Helix was purchased; what confuses me is WHY we lost access to him. Isn’t it possible to work for one company but also contract out for voice work? I would expect that most voice actors are working on multiple projects at once.

I’m kind of hoping that this news (and the general talk about a mixed Mike announcer) hints that Chris will be recording a very Mike-like announcer to replace Mike with a singular sound. I just don’t want to lose the aggressive announcer altogether.

I think that the Dead Or Alive series does the best job in terms of having announcers; you can unlock and use every single character as your announcer, with the same voice actor as ingame.


well I think it’s for good reason. the SFV announcer has an arcadey echo like tone with a hint of professionalism to it.
MKX announcer had a dark and evil tone that runs throughout the theme of the past 11 games with the newest iteration starting at MK deadly alliance 2001 ish.

KI from the OG days was meant to be a futuristic AI that rewarded ur combo hit count with a verbal pat on the back. “killer” combo in KI one was a verbal expression of game AI and a players skill level combined to fulfill a need to be recognized and separate from scrubby accidental triple combos. the tone was slightly robotic in nature and to stray from that identity probably isn’t a good idea

to be even more clear!

the killer instinct announcer is an AI from ultra tech.

What do you think the story behind the KI announcer is now?

I honestly love the announcer / narrator being a part of the lore. Ever since Shang Tsung was the announcer in MK1, and Shao Kahn was the announcer in MK2/3, I’ve always felt as though the announcer in a fighting game needed to have a story / connection to the lore. Just one other reason I connected more with other games than SF back in the day.

I love Chris. He brings out the nostalgia.
But, maybe I have missed something. What’s going on with Mike? Why are you worried about him not returning?