Chris Sutherland is back for season 3

Those kind of came back with the recapture ultras, but I would like them to come back for the first ultra so I can hear the better version if I’m a character that doesn’t have a recapture

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That was cool! Ultra yell didn’t sound as good now though. \


“Perhaps this isn’t the path for you.”

I remember asking @TempusChaoti a while back in the early days of Season 2 what ever happened to Mike as far as announcing goes and he relayed back that they were unable to have Mike return for Season 2 announcing and that their audio producer was covering the lines for him until something was figured out. He hinted that eventually they would just have to remove Mike announcer entirely since it couldn’t be fully supported without Mike actually there to record future lines.

I’m just going to assume that Mike won’t be an announcer option in S3 and that either S3 audio producer will just become a new option to replace Mike or Chris will become the new “Main” announcer.

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there’s where I got the impression that @SasquatchPotato was the new announcer. Then who is the audio producer of this game if it is not Zach Quarles? Is he in the credits?

I would be really anoyed if they just dropped Mike from the game. I don’t care If it sounds inconsistent, I hate the other announcers.

No, I do not think they will scrap the Mike voice. They want to make the select screen callouts the same. Mike is way too perfect to scrap; that would be a terrible idea. I never use Chris, I always use Mike. Mike rules, my Dad and I use to laugh when Season 1 launched and Mike was so insane with the counter-breaker.

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The question is: Is Mike Willette still unavailable? Has an intent of reaching him again been made?

In my opinion if they cant get Mike back they should do a hybrid as the default.

Some of Mikes Callouts are just unmatched and fit perfectly with the tone of the game.

The way he said Shadow Counter, like I said in my thread, is just unmatched.


He brings intensity that the other announcers dont.


Yeah, I’d also prefer an inconsistent hash to removing the Mike announcer entirely. His shadow counter and combo breaker callouts are just too good :slightly_smiling:

Im with you friend!!!
Mike is the the best voice in killer instinct.

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We need some info about mike.
we love mike voice.
and we need to know if IG or MS can call him to season 3.
Official word please. whats the problem with that?

brother, the entire game is inconsistent right now, the story mode, no ultimates, no 3d stages, some animations, etc… but mike is the only thing “perfect fit” in this game. and MS want to remove him against fix the other problems… WTF???

Lol. I’ll point out that no 3D stages is actually pretty consistent :-p

Not really sure where anyone is hearing they are scrapping the Mike announcer. They were looking for ways to make it more consistent, that’s all I heard.

Shadow Counter is the notification that I have Emails on my phone XD
Mike’s Combo Breaker is my text notification.

I’m gonna be a tad irritated if he gets removed XD

Not having Mike return for voice work was one of my biggest upsets after DH stopped working on the game. That and whoever animated all the Season 1 characters. There was some really amazing stuff happening at DH that would have make this game even better. Not that IG isn’t doing awesome, but imagine some of those talents working with these talents. Woo-boy.

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Yes!!! That one needs to come back. It makes it sound way more epic than the current one (not that I dislike it mind you).

Watching the Tusk Season 3 livestream. I really hope the callouts aren’t final.