Ultra Issue Found ..more and more discovered

(Just making this a new post)

Here is the Eagle bug, including video, from the bug thread: Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3 @TotalJimkata

It doesn’t look to quite be the same thing (you have to hit the opponent with slide and then cancel veeeery late into ultra, they are able to block the ultra because the first hit doesn’t connect fast enough), but it’s probably worth looking into if the fix is easy (my guess is make the first hit of ultra come out faster?).

Also, in case the devs missed it, I calculated the frame advantage for all characters after a combo breaker. There are two particular problem cases that should probably be looked at (Rash is massively plus, Wulf is massively negative) if it’s in your guys’ scope, plus the Rash LK auto-double bug that makes him able to link any special move or heavy manual after. Thanks!

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does the strength of the move being broken have anything to do with the recovery time? Would a light manual recover faster than a heavy manual? Ive never gotten THAT far deep into the calculating of frames on that level. I assumed spacing was automatic, and neutral was therefore at hand, in no ones favor.

EDIT: minus any corner shenanigans or mixups

Breaker strength has no impact on the frames. Breaking just plays a set animation with set recovery time, regardless of what strength the move was. As long as both characters are on the ground, it’s the same every time.

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Thanks for posting the video.I randomly hit it in shadow lab once and have been trying to figure it out ever since.

which video?

Eagle’s ultra bug @Infilament posted it

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oh ok

So I have a very solid fix for Hisako that is getting checked in. Shin Hisako verified to be ok (play and code wise) so thx for the help on that.

Not going to change any other stuff for this one- but we are reading the feedback (on Rash LT double), these frame avt on breakers, and looking at that Eagle ultra bug (where he drops the ultra).

Going to update with ETA on when the patch will come out. Thanks again everyone for helping and your patience while we fixed this.


Recently found out that Sadira has the same issue with a blocked ultra. Similar to the Eagle glitch that Infilament pointed out, it requires Sadira to do a late st.lk jump cancel into ultra. However her ultra sequence is an unblockable but not invulnerable, meaning that it makes a almost unnoticeable situation, but can be dp or shadow reversal to avoid it.

did you get a clip by any chance?



What i could find in 15 mins.

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Shago is in stagger from the light kick tho (I think its a light kick, i dont touch sadira at all). The stagger leaves the ultra activation window open for a few frames longer…i do the same with hisako on charged delayed moves.

Is this what i’m seeing?

Not exactly. Sadira’s lk can be jump canceled on hit. This allows her to cancel into a jump or another normal/special by canceling the pre-jump animation with said move.

The issue is that the cancel window is rather large, making it so that the timing can be off. Doing a normal lk or too early of a cancel causes the ultra to play out as normal. Doing it too late misses the window to cancel. Within a sweet spot the hitstun will run out (since it is only a light normal) causing the ultra to hit on a dropped opponent.

What I am curious is the effects of this during a stage ultra transition. Needs more testing.

ok, i see…the animations between the ultra, and the opponent dont match up because the lk window is skewed somewhat. So, how do we explain this? lol ::