Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

I do apologize, but I have tried everything I can possibly think of to remedy the issue on my end. Just a little peeved because this is the third time this month some sort of apparent server issue has left a portion of the game unplayable :frowning:

Tag @snickerdoodle next time, she might can point you in the right direction as this issue may not be a BUG so to speak.

Wulf Fake breaker:

Ok, this one is still around after loooong time. It seems to happen during hit trades + Wulf feral cancel and though is rarely to happen in most matches the behaviour can vary and it’s not like is very good for the Wulf. The legend combo breaker (with different strength) will appear.

To easily reproduce this:

a) Go to training mode and pick both Sabrewulf. Set shadow and instinct options to infinite.

b) Record the dummy close to you doing a shadow eclipse and cancelling it, then downback for a second and throw another shadow eclipse.

c) When playing this recording the player 1 must block the first shadow (because p2 it will cancel it). The player 2 Wulf will then challenge with another shadow, when the screen freezes the player one inputs then their own shadow eclipse but also cancel it. This will produce the fake breaker.

You can see this example in the first clip I’m posting in the video below:

There’s samples of how can happen with other characters as well, when they trade the hits plus the fast Wulf cancel this thing triggers.

pc issue with dlc offline not working
i think i found cause the free version which has all dlc built in on win 10 store needs store links for each piece of dlc which it does not seem to have.

check win 10 settings apps and features go to the game click on it then advanced options as you can see their are no addons installed which would likely fix the offline issue if they all were made available to install for those who own each piece.

Lol so apparently the ultra bug still exsits but this time eagle has it now I’ll upload a video later.

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I know there is a lot of feedback on this, but online play, especially in Ranked is at times really awful on xbox One x.

I’m having matches straight up crash at character select, matches become virtually unplayable when a lot of effects on screen, and at times I become several frames behind the other player, resulting in weird anomalies, such as blocked attacks ignoring blocked, getting combo broken during throw attempts, getting timing lockouts even though my timing was perfect… It’s annoying.

I was playing against Shony’s Sabrewulf and after the first match we had this laggy thing happen, and then from then on, everything was off. It was like I was playing a different game. Hard boot KI, and I fight Shony again, and this time, everything works fine.

Also, if I leave Match Making sometimes the game straight up crashes. I get this awful screeching sound and the game shuts down.

Since I never play in Exhibition I don’t know if the same thing happens there as well.

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I havent had any issues this week. Once last week it was bad, but overall the average occurrence of the frame drops or lag have decreased. But every now and then it will hit me when I least expect it. Not sure whats going on or whats to blame.

Have you Switched your output to 1080P?

This just happened…

I’ve never seen this before, but it was really odd. I don’t think Eagle’s bird was really active active, but it was REALLY annoying.


Since about 4 days ago, shadow lab bounties don’t seem to show up in the list anymore.

It’s still possible for me to challenge other shadows with no problems, but there’s no way to return a shadow fight bounty currently.

The Steam version has a few bugged achievements. The ones I noticed so far are “Symphony of the Fight,” “ready To Body”, and “Demonic Barrage.” There may be more but since 464 achievements exist, it’s unrealistic to check them all.


Instinct Cancel
Opponent lives?

The replay desynced, So i have no vieo, But if anyone enjoys finding this stuff, there is a bug here somewhere to be found.

This is common with a bunch of characters – not all ultras kill as soon as you activate them, sometimes you have to wait a few frames for the kill to register. If you instinct cancel too fast, you will cancel the hit that registers the kill.

I don’t think it’s really a bug per se, the players just have to wait a bit longer to instinct cancel.


oh yeah! I remember this now from a looooong time ago.

Somehow i went all these years and never saw it once in a game, so i forgot completely.


Anyway there could be a quality of life fix for survival using Jago.

When the match ends during Classic Survival, I am unable to use Jago’s instinct to gain health back. It’s just a small issue as it seems necessary during the later matches when the health given back decreases.

If you haven’t killed them Via ultra you can, the moment you hear the opponent death cry you cannot heal anymore. Once that happens, your hp and resources are locked until the next round so unfortunately, no battery ender into shadows or wall splats into shadows or instinct canceling an ultra into healing. Not really a bug as just an overlooked portion of survival since really only Jago can heal in this situation.

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I already know the characteristics revolving survival mode, I’m also aware it doesn’t exactly fit into the “bug” category. Merely a “quality of life” fix was all I was asking for.

I know it won’t happen, but I figured why not. If the modding platform were much better on PC I’d do it myself.

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Hello Everyone. My game is Closing when i select Shin Hisako.The same thing happened on Steam, but they have already realesed another update, which seems to have worked. will be done same for Xbox live???

For the past week, I had had a serious glitch in single player. The daily rewards section does not update. It is just stuck at day 72 no matter what I do. It says that all current rewards in the gauntlet have been unlocked, but will not allow me to progress. I have restarted the game, let it run overnight, restarted the console. Even reinstalled. Nothing works.

@snickerdoodle @TotalJimkata


Checking up on the X1X ranked note you left here. We released a patch a few weeks back that optimized X1X performance addressing this. Let us know if you are still seeing any issue around frames lagging now- should be a rock solid 60!

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