Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Just another fyi but I’m still getting frame drops during special moves. This is very noticable on shadow moves with a lot of effects such as Shadow Endoduken. I am playing on the One X.


Having the same problem. During some matches where a LOT of effects are on the screen, the match almost crashes.



Had this situation happening where Kim Wu will do her command throw and cancelling into ultra. Looks like the throw and ultra have a gap where the next situation is possible:

This example was using Fulgore.

A) pick a character vs Kim Wu
B) record her doing the throw then instant ultra
C) reproduce the recording and activate Instinct when she tries to connect her overhead (when she’s starting ultra)
D) do an invincible shadow or something that gets you away from that situation (still the ultra will be active and probably it will kill).

This may be a 1/2 frames window? No idea, but that’s how we labbed it.


Had this sort of happen to me last week. i was Eyedol… started Ultra, it did the flash and the roar, then I got combo broken! Like WTF? Not roll back either. This was a late breaker animation.


I posted a video on Xbox… Ill link here shortly



Kan-Ra’s Heavy linkers seem to scale per hit rather than per linker use like his light and medium linkers. This hurts him badly since his heavy linkers can be 5 or 6 hits in a single linker scaling the combo 5 or 6 times.

To replicate

  1. In Dojo, turn on the attack data.

  2. Start the combo with Light Swarm into a heavy swarm linker. Then use a heavy auto double into another heavy swarm linker. The damage should be around 9 to 10% total combo damage and the combo scaling end at around 15%.

3.Start another combo with Light Swarm into a medium swarm linker. Afterwards continue the combo with a heavy auto double into another medium linker. The damage should be around 11 to 12% and combo scaling end at 34%.


Multiplayer service appears to be borked for a lot of people across all platforms at the moment. Ranked, exhibition, and Shadow Lords… none of it works. It’s been this way for me for at least 24 hours now.


I cant play anything related to multiplayer on Xbox One. Every attempt I make to connect to a match results in my game crashing and I am restricted to single player if I want to play Killer Instinct at all. Re-Installing the game did not help.


Kim Wu and Thunder are able to perform Ultras before their opponent’s life bar has entered ‘Danger’ state.

To reproduce:

Set life bars to 20% with no regenerating life in training mode

With Kim Wu, strike your opponent with st HK.
Perform Dragon Grasp into Ultra

With Thunder, strike your opponent with st MK.
Perform back throw into Ultra.

Neither attack causes the life bar to enter ‘Danger’ state. You can do it with other attacks to a certain extent before the life bar enters ‘Danger’ state.


The game hangs on “Syncing to Ultratech Servers” stage, where it checks DLC/syncs Shadows and such upon launch. No matter how many times I seem to let it continue checking, it never seems to finish. Skipping it allows me to play multiplayer (ranked, exhibition, and lobbies) with seemingly no issues, but Shadow Survival is inaccessible at the very least. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or not.


Literally just spun it up at my desk on Steam and it works just fine here. Played through a couple Shadow Lords levels trying to trigger the same and I can’t.

Have you tried reinstalling and making sure everything is fully updated?


Just completed re-installing the game on Steam as you suggested. No change. Also, I feel the need to note that there is at least one other person, who posted in a thread I started on Reddit, who is also having the same issue.


Are you on Wifi of Ethernet cable? Sometimes WiFI connection can be the issue along with your router/xbox gate not set to Open.


My PC has a hard-wired connection directly to my modem with nothing in between. All relevant ports are open. All other programs are working as they should. It is ONLY KI that is having issues. Apologies if this sounds overly aggressive, but the issue is NOT on my end.


Just checking… you never know. Ive seen several people have the simplest of solutions.
Plus you did not state whether you were on Console or PC. Might want to start with that info next time so you can get the best help possible. Good luck


I do apologize, but I have tried everything I can possibly think of to remedy the issue on my end. Just a little peeved because this is the third time this month some sort of apparent server issue has left a portion of the game unplayable :frowning:


Tag @snickerdoodle next time, she might can point you in the right direction as this issue may not be a BUG so to speak.


Wulf Fake breaker:

Ok, this one is still around after loooong time. It seems to happen during hit trades + Wulf feral cancel and though is rarely to happen in most matches the behaviour can vary and it’s not like is very good for the Wulf. The legend combo breaker (with different strength) will appear.

To easily reproduce this:

a) Go to training mode and pick both Sabrewulf. Set shadow and instinct options to infinite.

b) Record the dummy close to you doing a shadow eclipse and cancelling it, then downback for a second and throw another shadow eclipse.

c) When playing this recording the player 1 must block the first shadow (because p2 it will cancel it). The player 2 Wulf will then challenge with another shadow, when the screen freezes the player one inputs then their own shadow eclipse but also cancel it. This will produce the fake breaker.

You can see this example in the first clip I’m posting in the video below:

There’s samples of how can happen with other characters as well, when they trade the hits plus the fast Wulf cancel this thing triggers.


pc issue with dlc offline not working
i think i found cause the free version which has all dlc built in on win 10 store needs store links for each piece of dlc which it does not seem to have.

check win 10 settings apps and features go to the game click on it then advanced options as you can see their are no addons installed which would likely fix the offline issue if they all were made available to install for those who own each piece.


Lol so apparently the ultra bug still exsits but this time eagle has it now I’ll upload a video later.