Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Hey KindaBusted/TiltenCon- been a long time. Thanks for the video and details. We are aware and looking into it.

If anyone had this happen, please let us know what platform and confirm you had played ranked in Nov at least once.

If anyone then played back up to Killer afterwards, love to know if you stay in killer or always get re-demoted after any match? All info will help us, video links really useful!


FYI- this is older news, this player was perma banned from live. Clearly impossible score. Unfortunately still on the LB even though completely out of our eco system.


bug with dlc on win 10. I think i have found reason why all dlc gets locked in offline mode unlike the xbox were you can download each piece of dlc both the normal and de show no addons when you look at app settings advanced i have everything but color omen pack and their should be option to download each dlc but their is not which causes offline play to lock all the characters.


I just got up to killer a day or 2 ago, signed in today 12/4 and I was demoted to Gold. I got Killer after the reset.

Just curious if our ranks are going to roll back to killer? I hope so…


I played matches through November on Xbox when the issue arose. I actually have one match played in December as a Killer rank but i was sent to Gold the next time i started up my game and the whole ‘stuck on 1 minute until reset’ thing happened.


Hey team, I’m on Xbox One X, and I played all Nov. I was demoted to Gold after losing a match in Killer. I ranked up back to Killer and I won a match and then lost another and was demoted back to Gold once more.


When did you last try this?

Can you try now maybe?


Wanted to report that my Killer rank is back on Steam.


I’m still a gold but it now says 4 weeks to reset instead of 1 minute. I guess it’s time to grind my way back up? (I hope it’s safe)


yes…gotta grind back to killer.


Spinal is supposed to be the free rotating character as of yesterday, but my game still has Rash. If I try to select Spinal, I get purchasing options. Anyone else having this happen?


There are some cases where if you use Eagle’s Bird do to screech, and shadow during it or get broken or counter breaker, I don’t know if it’s a frame stop or what that causes it but, the screech animation doesn’t stop and keeps going from the side it started on so if you swap sides it looks like the bird has uncontrollable gas. It doesn’t seem to happen to both players when it does happen, just the side that saw the circumstance that created it. I think it has to do with things that cause frame stop, or anything to do with combo/counter breakers that causes it. Just forces the animation to be stuck. The bird still functions like normal afterwards.


Ranked matchmaking appears to be down based on conversations I’m having. Can’t find any games myself either.


The current matchmaking issue has been acknowledged by Iron Galaxy. Here’s hoping Microsoft can get it fixed sooner rather than later.


Ranked on PC is crashing while searching for opponents and crediting losses.


It has now been a full week and I still have Rash as the free rotating character instead of Spinal. Short of uninstalling and reinstalling the game (which I really don’t want to have to do), I’m not sure what I have to do to correct this.


I encountered this issue yesterday whilst playing Ranked in the Steam version. Shin Hisako popped Instinct, and made 2 sets of hands appear. Does anyone know how to replicate?


Online EX is working but I had a major audio crash with the “crash ehhhhhhhhhh” sound but the game was still active. I restarted the game and the audio is still of.

Also all DLC would not sync at start up and shadow lab isnt available. Nor shadow save. This is before the audio crash and after.
Hard resetting the Xbox X now.

*** Everything is back up, Shadow lab works, but “Connecting to UT server screen at start up still says “Unable to Sync DLC”…wait or accept?”


I have the initial sync problem too (on standard xbox one).
So, I’m unable to use Shadow Lords and, more important, this translates also with the impossibility to choose Shin Hisako and Eagle. These two are greyed out with all unlocks kept, they are the only two characters not payed directly (gained through ultra pack season gift).

EDIT: the problem is solved for me.


Hi. On Shadow Survival, I’m receiving the following error message: “Error Failed to retrieve Shadow data from Ultratech servers. Would you like to retry?”

It gives two options of A for Yes and B for No. No matter what I select, a Shadow never seems to load.

I go into Shadow Survival
Select my character
The character ladder comes up
The error message happens
Select A
The error message happens
Select B
The error message happens

Every once in a while, I can get a first match (once during this, I got two), but that is rare. I’m playing on XBox One X but this was happening back before the XBox One X dropped on the original XBox One as well. Hopefully something can be done. Thank you for your time.