Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Anyone else feel like the devs somewhat abandoned us? At least for the meantime. I know they are working on a new project so their focus here slowed down, but it almost seems like they haven’t communicated with us in too long.


Well the community team is still around,less than before but they count as part of the dev team. We always have downtime before some updates so I’m not really worried unless they come out and state that there are absolutely no more updates to come to this game.


Disconnect on second match, in best best of 3 ranked, and exhibition.

I’m quite new to the game and barely played exhibition before, so I just started noticing the problem after reaching gold rank and going for best of 3 matches.

Around 90% of the time, 15 to 20 seconds into the second match, I get the message saying the opponent disconnected. First match goes just fine, no lag or anything, the problem is always the second, no mater if I win or lose the first match.

I started playing exhibition and same problem, if I play only one match everything goes fine, if I chose to remach, I get the opponent disconnect message.

The biggest problem is that I can no longer rank up, since I’m now in probation, and most of my fights against gold and killer ranks get disconnected, I barely get any points.


Thanks for asking! We fixed it! Still working out the ETA on the next update this will be included in. This is a high priority and hope to have it out soon, Need official confirmation on the date before we release patch notes.


Online is running super laggy… it not normal lag. Like when you are in the middle of a combo and a lot is on the screen it just slows down. Especially on enders and ultras. Anyone else experiencing this in Ranked or EX?


Online is running super laggy… it not normal lag. Like when you are in the middle of a combo and a lot is on the screen it just slows down. Especially on enders and ultras. Anyone else experiencing this in Ranked or EX?


So, I saw the news about the 4x XP for the 4th anniversary of this game celebration, so I booted up the game, but I’m still only getting the regular 2x XP for definitive users. The article and the tweet from twitter made it sound like it was starting today, but it doesn’t seem to be up for me on Xbox. Anyone else having this issue or is is a rolling update that hasn’t hit my area (East Coast) yet or something?

Edit: Yep, apparently rolling update. It just popped for me. 5x at regular and more with boost. It’s insane!


As others have said, friendly achievements aren’t unlocking. Just tried to get friendly Eagle with a buddy, no luck.


How the hell does WizardV1 have 289,913 points in ranked?


I never compain about LAG but the LAG is out of control since the Xbox X update. Ive played about 30 matches tonight and they all were randomly laggy. Its not me… no other games online have lag. Ive tested Injustice, Forza 7, MKX, and Star Wars BF2. NONE of them lag and none of them have as good of a Net Code as KI.

Also why would the game lag Every time I do an Ultra or Demonic Despair? Even when my opponent Ultras me it lags. Its as if the console cant handle the amount of data being pushed so it slows down…like its low on memory or something.

That the only way I can explain it. Where is everyone? Why is no one working on the game?

Oh and I crossed paths with a Rash utilizing the block Ultra… nice to know its still around.


He lagged out EVERY match. He’s the reason I got put on probation. :confused:


BUt why is he getting points? You are not supposed to get points for lagging out… I never get points when it lags out or I quit. lol


He is obiously using an exploit. Use Xbox live denounce system for cheating. There was a guy several months ago which did something similar, he was 2nd with +20000 points, with 4 fights won and 2 loses. Devs took care of him, he never earned the pro star, and was probably banned


There’s one opener I forgot to account for, and that’s full-wrath Influence. You can lock out normally on that one.


I started playing Ranked this morning as a Killer, and then when I exited a matched, returned to the main menu, then returned to Ranked. I was informed that I didn’t play any matches last month (even though I amassed 2500 points as a Killer), and demoted to Gold.


I’m having issues with Lobby Mode on the Steam version. Wondering if I need to open ports or something. I can’t see my friend on the X-Box One in Mexico.


I think we might be having the same issue. I have a clip of my stream of this issue happening


Having an odd issue. I’m a killer rank and when I start the game I show as such.
However, as soon as I start a lobby my rank dropped to gold.
I caught this while streaming here’s a clip -
I also sent out a tweet showing the problem.
If you need any more info please ask.
Oh, I forgot to add I’m on the Win10 version.

*I decided to play on stream yesterday and now my Killer Rank Is gone!! Killer Instinct starts at about 1:37ish on my stream.
As you can see I am a Killer Rank I was very conflicted about playing but decided that a lobby should be fine.
Today I logged and noticed I’m a gold rank.
I really wanted to stream KI but now I’m conflicted again.
I stream KI almost daily you may have seen me before I used to be KindaBusted.
I’ve changed my name recently to Tilted Controller.
Please let me know If you can reinstate my Killer Rank. Thanks :slight_smile:


Rash’s LK auto double is now +11, for some reason. Has to be LK pressed, even though its animation is the same as LP auto double. This allows for linking just about anything, with the exception of sweep and heavy boot.

Also, he’s able to link cr.HP after a medium Ram linker. By conventional manual rules, this shouldn’t be possible.

I don’t know how long either of these have been a thing.


Ranked constantly says 1 minute to reset. I was demoted from Killer after playing one game (despite playing nearly 200 games last month) since the update. Please fix this issue as it looks like many people were affected. Not sure if I should play any games as gold as it still says 1 minute remaining and I only guess that when I get back up to killer again, I will be demoted straight away. (Xbox one version)

This is really bad guys.