Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Your timing is off. I know for a fact Jago has no issue using Wind Kick to go over light Bolt Strike. Orchid’s Flick Flack does not have lower body invulnerability that lasts long enough to avoid it, and the same may be true of the other characters you listed.


If Rash uses Shadow Battering Ram on an opponent on danger, he will be able to get a free ultra, even if the opponent is blocking. Could be exclusive to Jago, not sure.


7-10 days old bud…lol…look up a few pages.


That’s the point. It’s still in the game, it deserves a hotfix not to be pushed into the next patch fix. This is essentially game breaking, especially at a competitive level.


DUde I totally agree and I would be super pissed if it happened to me… just saying there is a long conversation going on about it. I figured you would be interested in joining in with those that broke the news a week ago. There is also a thread that has a discussion just for this bug.


I honestly didn’t catch it, just thought I’d show off a video of it. But yeah, this is getting around so more people are starting to take advantage unfortunately. Yet, nothing has been done about it.


Ive seen it on here a few times, face book twice and twitter once as well. But it hasnt happened to me yet… IM glad becasue I would be super salty if it did!


I had an odd thing happen last night. I log in to play KI and during my first match, the match crashes and I get that normal, “the other guy disconnected” message. After a few moments I get my second match against Squarebinnis… When I go to select my character, the only characters I can select is Jago and Riptor. All other characters are greyed out. Our match was abysmally bad and stunk of desync. As soon as it is over, KI crashes completely and I closed the app down and rebooted my xbox. After doing it, it worked fine. odd…


i can understand your point of view that im too late with this but, if the developpers knew this nonsense situation, why they leave it like that??? thats so obvious that this should be reduced on the hitbox


It’s not a bug, it’s desgined that way

If you want to discuss it, then I suggest you to create a proper thread, since this one is just for bugs, not for discussion


Hey, for some reason the game is trying to make me buy Shadow Jago even though I had him through the Xbox Definitive Edition before. He and Jago are both still listed as installed in my games and apps, but I can’t select him and it says “Available” in the fighters tab. I know I own this character as he came with the Definitive Edition for Xbox, so what is going on here? I should not have to pay ten dollars for something I already own. Anyone else lose Shadow Jago or another character randomly or what?

Edit: Nevermind, apparently all I had to do was restart my system and game and he came back. My apologies. Never had that happen before, so I guess if people randomly lose a character, a restart might fix it.


It’s always done that, you just have to hit no and retry over and over until it works.


Not this much,believe me,it used to be like you said. This last time I kept on mashing A or B for like A LOT and nothing :sweat:


Apparently, I have access to Fulgore’s Terror Skin and Kilgore, even though I never bought them. I also have his Gold Skin


@TheKeits @rukizzel @TotalJimkata Is there any update about the rash ultra bug? its been a little over 2 weeks since we made it known about & was told to keep an eye here for info so im just wondering are we going to get a hot fix for it?


Does the support react to any errors found? Where can I see the statistics of the planned fixes of bugs in the game?


Fulgore can’t pip cancel in instinct if he doesn’t have any meter.


I’ve noticed it happen a few times still, I don’t think it’s ever been addressed and I’m sure it’s been reported in the past too. Fulgore still sometimes gets charged 5 pips for a shadow move when going shadow to shadow or special manual to shadow in and out of combo. If he has 4 pips it works the same as when it costs 5 pips so it’s just eating meter when it shouldn’t. If possible to tweak it so that shadows don’t count for pip cancels would probably fix it.

2 recreation possibilities, combo into wall splat into shadow eye laser into shadow blade dash.
Sweep and destroy into light laser normal of choice blade dash into shadow plasma bolt. These are a couple situations I’ve seen it happen but just about any time you go from special to shadow with 5 pips available it can happen.


If AI Eagle starts charging an arrow and holds it upwards, if you’re close enough for some reason he will continue to hold it indefinitely. I sat there and held block and everything he just sat there. Until I pressed taunt, then he shot me lol… I was playing Rash. It happened in both neutral and in the corner twice in 1 match. It was in Shadow Lords but I’d assume it would happen in all modes with AI Eagle. I could have timed him out with a life lead but that’s no fun.


Ik this has been said before numerous times, but it’s something that REALLY needs to be fixed. The Rash ultra glitch really needs to be hotfixed soon. I’ve been killed due to this once and there are several posts complaining about it on Xbox clubs. Sorry if it sounds a lil demanding but this can get real serious if not contained soon.