Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Shadow Lords rewards namely the 2 Gargos skins disappear even though I have 104% completion. They seem to appear and be gone ever other login almost as though I have 2 save files on the cloud. All of this would be done away with if local save storage was allowed on PC.


On the Steam version, in Shadow Lab, browsing Shin Hisako shadows ranked by most wins makes my game crash, it only crashes when I select her, and doesn’t crash when ranking her shadows by points tiers.


Today after playing an Exhibition match verses a Steam opponent… he rage quit going into the 6th match character select.
When my game backed out to the multiplayer menu…there was no menu, Just a blank screen with the
cinematic playing in the back ground.

I couldn’t do anything. I had to close the game.

This was also during a Twitch stream.


can´t play ranked games on the winstore version … when loading ranked matches it shows a error massage “can´t load ranked data” and doing that repeatedly kinda causes the game to crash being not able to return to the menue, showing multiple buttons on the bottom with no text and in other areas showing “missing text”


I’ve noticed sometimes while using a fight stick on the steam version I’ll be in queuing for a match in ranked, and then start using the steam overlay, and the controls switch from the fight stick to the keyboard, and I’m unable to switch it back. Then I have to play a match on keyboard.


I’d invite the devs to please take a look at this. At first, this was thought to be a rollback or lag or online kind of glitch but this isn’t the case. It’s a easily repeatable and potentially abusable bug that only Rash (thus far) seems able to do against an opponent.

In order to reproduce it, it’s relatively simple in training mode…

  1. Select Rash as the dummy and any other character as the controllable character. Set life bars to 20% and to not regenerate health.
  2. Record Rash performing Shadow Ram and input the ultra motion.
  3. Playback. Allow the chip damage on block from Shadow Ram to put your life bar into Danger and Rash will enter his ultra animation, even though you’re blocking.

From kinda tinkering around with this, as the character, you still have a degree of control and are able to block but it’s hardly relevant. Ultras treat Rash as totally invincible throughout the animation so characters like Hisako and Kim Wu can’t even parry to ‘escape’ it. You get audio sounds like they were sucessful, but then they just drop to the ground afterwards. Shadow Countering it offer’s the same results, successful audio is heard, but you still fall down afterwards. Blocking it all is nigh impossible as there’s a fast overhead low sequence midway through to attempt to block.

So, per the last batch of patch notes, with no more foreseeable patches on the horizon for KI, i think this is something that should definitely be looked at both as a ‘hot fix’ kind of item as well as for any organizer for tournaments or competitions to have a rule in place in case this were to happen at a match. I’m already preparing to just take this as i can no longer reliably accept that i can block Shadow Ram while in Danger. And i’m accepting that Rash players will utilize it. So C’est la Vie, i suppose.

Update today?

Thank you for this! Just right now I posted a lab video I made recently to try to show what happened. I can’t get the right timing for shadow counter since I don’t have someone to help me at my home. But you can see the character can get the ultra after the shadow and that he actually crashes the party.

Edit: I’ll also post it here:


Lol. Even if you block the full ultra animation, the boot at the end has enough blockstun for Rash to do another S.Ram. Plus the ultra does Chip damage as well. Oddly enough though it is possible to escape this with a anti-air trade after Rash does his Wrecking Ball. It has to be a trade though since doing before or after will trigger his invulnerability frames.


Supreme Sadira Achievement not Unlocking (on Xbox One)

I had 3 supreme victories in ranked earlier and didn’t unlock the achievement. The first Supreme Victory was a Perfect, if that’s relevant to the bug.


The bug still has not been fixed

arbiter 3 shadow enders trial


The latter half of this is known, not a bug, and should be exploited by more players. Cinder’s light DP has a fairly high hitbox, and some characters can even abuse this to hit him out of it. For instance, Riptor can use Clever Girl to reach up under DP and grab Cinder. Spinal can use Soul Sword. Gargos can use st.HK with some good timing.


I would really encourage the devs to think about a hotfix for the Rash blocked ultra issue as well. I know KI seems to be done with patches, but this bug is really serious and Rash is already a very strong character.

As has been said, it’s pretty easy to do and there is no way out. If Rash makes you block something during danger, you’re pretty much dead. You can’t shadow counter the shadow ram (ultra still comes out and hits you). Trying to shadow counter the ultra seems to always kill you. If you block all the way to the end of the ultra (as Sneerful said, there is a fast high-low sequence in the middle… it’s not hard once you practice it, but you need to practice it), the last hit is like +12-15 on block, so it’s a true block string into another shadow ram -> ultra again. And the ultra chips you the whole time (a little over half of your “danger” life bar), so a lot of the time you will just die from the ultra chip.

In fact, I think it’s pretty hard to even soft ban this bug, because I think KI’s buffer window might make it come out accidentally at times. And even if you ban it at tournaments, people will do it online.

If it helps the devs track the bug (perhaps this is another bug to fix, at the same time as the hotfix), Rash can’t go from opener regular ram -> ultra as a cancel. You will always get shadow ram if you have meter, like that move has a bizarrely high input priority (higher than ultra, even). You CAN get ultra after regular ram, but you have to wait until Rash is basically back to neutral (ie, the very very very last few frames of the move), presumably when shadow ram’s cancel window has passed. This is basically the same problem that General Raam used to have, when the input for ultra overlapped with Kryll Cancel. You had to wait until the end of the move and it was like a 1 or 2 frame link.


In Mira’s command list, it states that her normal throw, forward and backward, can be quickrised (quickrisen?) by the opponent. In practice, I’ve been completely unable to. Either remove that line or make it quickrise-able, I don’t care. Just looking for consistency.


Is there a video? I dont see anything above.



I can’t play shadow survival. It pops up an error message and I’m stuck in it. I mashed A and B enough and nothing happened.
This used to happen before but eventually stopped. Now it didn’t.

What’s this?


Just ran into the Rash bug myself a few minutes ago. I have two videos of it happening if any of the devs are interested in seeing it for themselves.


Friendly achievements does not work after last patch.
I tried to unlock several friendly achievements today (Shin Hisako and Kilgore) but none are popping. I’ve been unlocking other achievements fine and did not experience any problems with this achievement from other characters until the last updates.
Actually, I’m not the only one. This discussion can be viewed on [].


Whenever I encounter a Rash, my goal is to make sure that they don’t take my life bar down to DANGER. I play with the assumption that all Killer-ranked Rash players are aware of this bug.

I signed into my Xbox One last night, and noticed that Shin Hisako is unavailable (even though I bought her earlier this year). On PC, all characters are available. I own the Definitive Edition.


Can de Devs please once for all Fixe the Eyedole light electricity??? its really annoying since the visual show us the ground
and it hit like a normal stand and ground also, even if you do a low invulnerable attack it wil hit you , ive tried it with many characters who actually got low invulnerable but it doenst work

Can you please @developers reduce that hitbox so it do only as the way it appear on screen? its so annoying I used to think this could be a bug but isn’t finally one,

I tried with orchid, jago, sadira , aria and all characters with low invulnerable attacks, who actually pass through the gargos light portals and other low attack, but it don’t work with eyedol, Can de developer fix it please, it wil set many MU On egality against that mage mode. who’s spamming all day up n down lightning.
Please devs do something with these one, cause its just ridiculous the way that hitbox are on the light lightning.
Thank you