Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Just a small bug but at times the screech animation for Eagle’s bird still stays active. Not the hit box, just wherever the bird goes it’s screeching. It happens only rarely and it does nothing but just distract me. It also happens pretty rarely and usually happens when a screech is interrupted. Just wanted to bring attention to a small detail. It actually makes me laugh more then anything.


The only achievement I don’t have in this game is the secret one for getting a perfect guardian. I’ve been told several times you achieve this by opening a Killer pack. I’ve done that a few times and the achievement remains locked. Possible bug? If so PLEASE FIX, it’s literally my last achievement to get.


My free point every day thing reset to day 1 after for some reason the game couldn’t find my save (still had all my characters but I was in qualifiers instead of Gold) or something.


I seem to have been hit by a bug in Shadow Lab as of the latest update of the Windows 10 build. The last two people to challenge my Saberwulf Shadow - specifically a Glacius, who beat him, and a Jago who lost to him - are being added to my match history ad infinium each time I return to the main shadow lab screen - which means after every bounty match, a new one rises up to take its place and furthermore, I basically get a free 512 SP.


Game does not work on Steam

Specs: GTX 1080 Ti and have a strong rig that it should work.
Get a Not Responding white blank screen.


Any announcement about that concistansly lags in matchs?

Since some days I got 6/10 matchs laggy and I even get in discussion with one of my opponent and he told me that he saw the same issue as me , this guy is from Australia and im from Belgium, that was the first time I get paired with him like 4 times in a row and the matchs was just unplayable, :fearful::fearful::fearful:.
I knew this situation appear when fighting brazillians players or other south American but why to pair 2 network who obviously are not compatible ???

Can we get back the status from ours Servers please @rukizzel :sob:. this game require many things to excel and first of all “” The connection should be stable" then the rest is lef to the players with inputs etc…

And what I think whos really strange is the fact that after all theses matchs LAGGY as no possible " when I go into the archive to have a video from it and show it on here , strangely everything was clear and no lags setc…:frowning::anguished: so I don’t know what to say …


And also as I almost mentioned previously can you guy remove this short Delay at the end of Aria medium Punch auto double??? its not beautifull at all to see or even to look at it.
she don’t follow properly after this auto double anymore, No more fluidity and even the heavies auto double are more fluid than this medium P and follow the linker properly without delay.

Note: anyway peoples fall into lockout when this happen, but for the sake of aria’s players remove it please guys
if a delay like that appears at the end of a Heavy auto double I could say ok its alright ( we can alone do it and many others characters can do it too, but in this case its like we are forced to make that delay), but not on a medium and plus a medium who now is slowed down" good ting " I agree with it but this short Delayshould be removed please


The friendly character achievements are not unlocking. I have tried a number of different characters including some season 1 characters such as jago but none are unlocking. Have only tried playing xbox to xbox


If the first move Hisako uses after any opener is a delayed auto-double, the opponent cannot get a timing lockout in the gap between hits. This does not apply if you go opener -> linker -> delayed auto, or if you don’t delay the first auto but delay one later in your combo. Has to be the auto-double used directly after an opener.

Tested on both Steam and UWP/Win10 versions of KI, with multiple characters, as well as with all of Hisako’s openers.

Update on Eagle free for Definitve Edition?

If you are qualifying in ranked and happen to win 3 or 4 matches in a row, there is this lovely cap system in place that forces you to face a top 32 killer every single time. I sincerely hope this is a bug because if this is intended that’s a horrible way to forcefully derank people who are qualifying. The whole point of ranked is to get to killer and then go for top 32, not face top 32 players before you even start. I tested it with a new account too, brand new, level 1, no time played win 3 matches boom 7* killer shows up like clock work.

Also Shadow Jago, Jago and Omen can all low profile Cinder’s DP with meaty cr MK on wakeup. There are other moves they have that lower their hitboxes more than that normal and those don’t low profile the DP. Only Omen’s shadow slide does.


Aparently, i was suposed to get Eagle for since i have the Ultra season 3, but i’m not able to get it, or buy it.
(I’m on windows 10)
It say i allready own the character.


Elaborate. They won’t address this issue unless you’re very specific.


Sadira randomly drops an her victim during her Ultimate…


Low profiling a DP won’t be considered a bug, in fact crouch MK as Jago is known to be good against Cinder’s wakeup precisely for this reason.


The other specials that lower the hitbox further not low profiling the DP isn’t the issue, the Cr MK low profiling it is so I only elaborated where necessary and generalized everything else. If I had the capacity to record from my PC I would. The hitbox for Cinder’s DP overlaps the hurtbox of Jago and Shago when they low profile the DP and during my retesting, Omen Cr MK no longer low profiles the DP only shadow slide low profiles it which that one always has.


So are you saying that it’s wrong that low profiles his dp?


The hitbox overlaps their hurtbox on the corner. It should hit. Omen’s Shadow Slide actually goes under it.


How the hell do you post a video on this crap site? lol

Anyway…if you can link to the video… why am I left staggering for what seems like 5 seconds from the trade with Hisako… its a bit ridiculous. Happened 3 times in a tough 5 game set. This is the only one I was able to capture, the other 3 I wasnt able to recover in time to block like I did on this one. But come one…this cant be a legit thing?!198&parId=82DDEEC3075CECC!128&o=OneUp


Just a lot of hitstun


You should post a video to illustrate your point. I don’t think the devs will know precisely what you mean.


lol…I know but damn thats too much! I need to cut all 3 occurrences into one video but Going through 10 replays takes for ever. I might do it tomorrow for fun.

BUt my point is Ive never seen that happen before, not for that long…so is it legit? Or a bug?