Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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@developers you guys did a great work on slowing down the speed on ARIA Mp And Mk auto double :slightly_smiling_face:
But I think there is a glicht of a bug at the end of the MP auto double :thinking: since she use a short-long delay unbreakable between the MP auto double and the next linker and peoples falls anyway in lockout in this delay ( no more active frame), and its not beautifull at all to see “aestetically seen” there is this feeling of loss of fluidity between the End of MP auto double and the next linker. it act only on the MP, the MK AD is not affected by this.
Could you guys please remove it and let it be clean as with the Heavy’s, lights’ and the MK auto doubles??
its not beautifull at all since is we want to do a delay we could do it alone.


I found with Gargos when you do opener heavy air reckoning > portal punch ender against Rash the portal punch ender drops and Rash will block it.


very interesting. I tested what you found and so far it seems true.


Not sure if this is intended or not. But I thought all combobreakers were supposed to be flipouts. If Aganos does a jumping HP into cr.HP, being broken results in a soft knockdown instead of flipout (which causes a hit point on any standing walls). He does get flipped out like normal during standard grounded combos. I tested to see if Fulgore’s jumping HP into cr.HP causes a soft knockdown and it does a flipout.


Combo breakers against aerial opponents cause a soft knockdown as the timing of recovery would be weird due to not having set heights. A flipout after a breaker on a grounded opponent has consistent follow up timing.


Hey team, I haven’t had much time to play KI since 3.9 launched, due to playing Destiny 2, but I booted it up today, and I can’t find ANY matches. I spent 20 minutes waiting for a match in Ranked and not only would it not error out (as it used to do), it just kept searching. I switched to Exhibition and even on the most liberal settings, it wouldn’t find matches.

Also, I had close to 1000 points before I stopped playing. When I went into Ranked, I got a Rage Quit notice and my points had been reduced to 460. I check my replays, and the only replays I have was a fight with a lag switching Orchid player that I actually beat. Something is seriously wrong with this game. :frowning:

Also Syncing to Ultra Tech Servers ALWAYS fails. That has been going on since May, but now, even if I try to resync it, it fails every single time.

It seems that as of right now, KI is pretty much single player only.


I can’t find any matches either. I hard reseted my xbox and everything as well.


No issues for me…why would you loose points and have RQ notices if you hadnt played. You would have to post pics and videos to prove that in a bug thread


Glad that it isn’t just me that can’t find Ranked matches. Network settings in the Xbox app says that I’m Connected.


I’m having similar wait times now. I was getting matches in ranked between 11:30am and 12:00pm PT, but now I sit searching forever in both ranked and exhibition mode. Maybe they’re doing some kind of match-making server maintenance or something? I also haven’t had a lag-free match since the beginning of last week :sob: :sob:


i’m having the same issue. so is @STLemonHunter


It happened the same to me yesterday too I lost many points after someone rage quit :hushed: I did not even saw the name from my opponent, all I saw was " the opponent has left the lobby" then I lost points + onprobation again, then after my next match the onprobation is away by itself, im wondering too now what the hell is happening on this server???

we cannot find a match, disconnections like never before, laggy matches etc…:weary: HElllppp @developers :sob::sob::sob:


I tried to find a match yesterday, and even hard booted my Xbox One S, and yet still no matches whatsoever. :frowning:


I’m playing right now, everything is going smooth as usual prior all this mess


Agreed. Ranked is BACK!!!


I’ve been having an issue with Shadow Survival where I will be waiting for over 5 minutes at the character select screen to download shadow data but it never happens and I end up with an error. I’ve tried restarting everything, but I’m never able to play this mode. I’m on the Win10 version.

Also, I haven’t had a single playable match online due to lag for about a week now. Is everyone on wifi or is this a server issue? My d/u is 100mb/20mb so it’s definitely not my internet…


After the last patch Every time I join a match it disconnect and make me winner


CAn the team please take care of that ranked big network problemes :sob::sob: actualy there are a big lost of frames when fighting some others continent peoples, and its dont stop lagging :disappointed_relieved:
result= you drop all yo inputs and combos sometime, specially when fighting against south american peoples.
before these probleme it was barelly legal to fight against south american but now its just garbage.
can the team resolve this please


PC Version is consistently failing to sync/load all content that is unlocked. Mainly the 90% and 100% skins for Gargos from Shadow lords. Some times they are there, sometimes they are not which requires me to force restart the game. Should just implement solid state storage. It would solve all issues I’m having.


Ever since the 14th it seems nobody can unlock the “Friendly” achievements on Killer Instinct. I have checked on and it seems the unlocks stopped around then.

I have tried with Eagle, Shin Hisako and Kilgore with no joy. I’ve tried PC with PC exhibition, I’ve tried PC to Xbox, Xbox to Xbox with me and my friend rotating hosting but the achievements refuse to unlock for both of us - I made a post on TrueAchievements and others are affected.

Hopefully this will bring it forward so it can be patched later on :slight_smile: