Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

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Update: Tried it on my other profile again just for kicks. It works on the OTHER profile. It still doesn’t work on my main profile. Weird.


Not sure if this is intended game design, but any Possession ender by Hisako above LV 2 counts as 2 knockdowns against Aganos’ cyclops walls, and a LV 4 seems to instantly crumble a fresh wall. I know it should count one knockdown everytime Aganos’ back hits the ground, but this is from an animation the player has no control over aside from breaking prior to the ender. Plus, the behavior doesn’t happen with Hisako’s S. Possession ender at any level. It’s easy enough to replicate in training mode…

Select Hisako with Aganos as the dummy
Set Aganos to place 1 wall (or multiple)
Play Hisako to a LV 2 or high combo and end with normal possession ender.


I don’t recall if it ever got tracked down but i believe i found a fairly repeatable means to cause the non-cashout shadow ender issue with Kim Wu…

Heath at max, regenerate health - yes, shadow meter - infinite, instinct meter - infinite (i dont think the following matter but just in case…) Action - playback, difficulty - very hard, guard - no block, combo breakers - all, break on frame - 0, throw break - off, quick stand - off, counter hit - normal

In training mode, set dummy (i used Jago) to mash throw with a slight delay at the start for about 10 seconds or so.

Counter-hit cr. LK > M dragon dance > counter breaker > automatic M dragon dance linker > HK AD > L dragon dance linker > HK AD > L dragon dance linker > HK AD

At this point, on the second hit of the heavy kick auto-double, i time my breaker to come out right around the same frame(s) the kick is active and hitting my opponent, this triggers a second counter breaker because the dummy is still mashing throw as a ‘break attempt’…

… > automatic M dragon dance linker HK AD > L dragon dance linker > HK AD > L dragon dance linker > HK AD > Shadow Dragon Kick ender.

From doing this in training mode with combo state on, the game is saying its treating Shadow Dragon Kick as an opener instead of a ender, despite having multiple auto-doubles and linkers that come ahead of it. It also, in a weird way, puts the Opener Shadow Dragon Kick glitch that got patched out back into the game. You can certainly dragon cancel > special afterwards and the move is treated as an opener and not a manual.You can even hit a manual, the game recognizes as such, but if the manual were cancelled into a special, that registers as a opener. This happens for EVERY follow up special. This leads to the combo path you see above followed by, for example, dragon cancel > st. HK > L dragon dance to blowout. The only thing regarded as breakable in this is the manual.

In playing around with this as the base, i’ve gotten this to work with multiple types of openers, including shadow and mashing for light and medium breakers besides the one i listed. Im limited on time today, so this is as far as i tested. Im not a QA person, but maybe the issue is where the counter break happens in this particular scenario? I included three clips. The first is the one i had happen recently in a ranked match. The second is when i went to training mode to replicate it and found what i have here. The third illustrates the followup ‘opener’ glitch that can occur following the dragon kick glitch. I have hitboxes and combo state on for this. Hope it helps in solving the issue.


Testing out situations with Cinder’s HK trailblazer, namely when done from the air rather than the grounded version.

I’ve found that if you do HK trailblazer from a jump into the opponent, and you hit a directional fast enough, it performs the afterburner regardless of whether or not the kick command was pressed afterward or not. I was trying to see if I could create an option select off of HK trailblazer, and tried to use a light fission after the hit, but instead he flies off in a different direction because of this glitch.

I tested this using the grounded versions of all three strengths of trailblazer, but they all require the followup kick command plus a directional press. I also tested this using the air version of L Trailblazer and M Trailblazer, but they always require kick command to perform the afterburner. With the air version of H Trailblazer though, the directional can mistakenly activate the afterburner, regardless of whether or not a kick button was pressed. It seems like only this version and circumstance is capable of it.

If you need video, I could provide some. It will take a little time though.

I believe either the kick from the HK trailblazer is being stored as an input for long enough to trigger the afterburner with a directional (which seems unlikely since under similar and smaller timings for other versions, this doesn’t happen), or there is a glitch to this version of Trailblazer activating Afterburner without a kick command.


In Training Mode, the dummy is unable to block Eyedol’s Cosmic Lightning Bolt. I was testing to see how negative it was on block, but the dummy always got hit.


Sadira’s Shadow Widow’s Edge can be attempted to be combo broken as an opener during an air-to-air exchange. I say attempt because the last two hits are breakable but it requires a third hit to break. Sadira can’t counter break since the game recognizes it as an opener. This glitch technically does nothing but add confusion to both players.

To replicate :

  1. In training, record Sadira to do a S.Widow’s Edge.
  2. Time your jump to be hit be by the move.
  3. Mash any combo breaker.


There is currently a bug in Shadow Lab after viewing the ‘win’ activity of your shadow. Every time you open the rewards (press Y), and view the Shadow Activity, on exiting (press B) you are notified that you need to open rewards again, and the last result is duplicated.

Is Eagle's promised free availability for Definitive and S3 Ultra edition live already or not yet?

I still can’t get Eagle for free in Xbox1. Season 3 ultra owner. A lot of people in thus situation


I came across two visual issues.

The first one. Mira’s “Phantom” accessories look much brighter than they used to. This has happened on all 4 versions of the accessory set, but here is a comparison of one of them.

The second one. If Eagle is wearing the wasteland accessory set, his chin frequently clips through his bandanna.


There seems to be a Shadow glitch preventing Riptor shadows from following up a Clever Girl ground bounce with a Survival Run Tail Fling. Currently after the bounce, there’s a noticeable delay between the ground bounce and Riptor starting up the Survival Run.

Video of it below. The first part is what currently happens, followed up by what should happen.

I know randomness plays a role, and accidental dropping of a combo could cause this, but I’ve watched hundreds of my shadow’s recordings, and not once has it been successful at this. Just for the record.

Also I found an interesting anomaly regarding the LP version of Clever Girl. If it successfully hits an opponent and isn’t close enough to trigger the ground bounce sequence Riptor will instead do a counter break-style position reset up close to her opponent.

It only occurs with the LP version of the move, the MP and HP versions don’t cause this. This seems harmless though, as Riptor’s hurt boxes don’t disappear during this, and Riptor can always use extra help in the Glacius match-up.


I have further researched Aganos having unbreakable ruin combos and have found that as long as there is a wall within range to activate a wallbreak animation which is further than 3 training mode squares from the corner they would be hit towards, the regular special move version of ruin is entirely unbreakable to the point where even the cpu on break all cannot break it (it also cashes out). This is because as soon as the ruin hits the wallbreak animation plays and the hitstop happens during the ender when breaking is disabled.

If it IS within 3 training mode squares of the corner then it is breakable and doesn’t seem to be first frame counter breakable. If there is no wall it is an easy 1st frame break but with a wall you get broken even if the counter breaker chime plays (in training mode so not a rollback situation).

This can be done from any method of landing the regular special move version of ruin, so here are 3 easy examples of how to reproduce the effect:

  1. Close MP/Far HP xx shadow payload assault, place wall, heavy ruin.

(NOTE: if you walk over to the training mode dummy and do this combo then they are placed too close to the corner and the ruin is breakable, you need to either jump over them and do it or make them walk to the midscreen mark)

  1. place wall midscreen, then do 2x f+HK into heavy ruin

  2. place midscreen wall, close HK, far MP xx medium ruin

  3. in the corner place a wall behind each of you, then do late j.hp into light ruin towards each wall. Into the corner is breakable and you cannot counter breaker on the first frame, but away from the corner is unbreakable.


A quality of life change that I think all of us can agree on is a better Replay mode. I just did something in Ranked that seemed odd; I went to view the replay to see what it was but the characters are whiffing attacks, rather than fighting each other :persevere:.

This is on a Windows 10 Home x64 Laptop


wait, so you can get shadow jago through shadow lords?


I just got a problem. the game is not even launching.


So, I’ve had this issue since I got the game last year, On PC I can’t have the dummy playback my actions. At all. It lets me control my character when I select record but it doesn’t actually play anything back when I select playback. I have selected different characters and it still does not work.

Here’s a video of the bug


Firstly team, great changes with the 3.9 patch.

After the change to fix the glitch that allowed Sadira to jump cancel active frames, I’m no longer able to jump cancel an auto double after an LP manual. While you can still jump cancel after it, if you try and do an auto you get another manual. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but its kind of jarring.


Has anyone had any issues with the KI music since 3.9 patch? It becomes “swallowed” for me randomly and sounds all weird and glitched… Very irritating and demoralizing since the music is huge part of my hype when I play this game. :disappointed:


So I’m not sure if this goes here, but I dunno where else to post it. I’m pretty sure I just got DDOS’d and I think there’s a security vulnerability in the game that needs to be addressed. I just got matched against a Silver Gargos on Ranked, he sends me this message before the round starts:


I destroy him first lifebar, after that the match lags like crazy and then I get DC’d, the game gives me the loss because it thinks I’m the one that left. My internet was completely non-functional for about 10 minutes after that. I talked to some other people and they had the same experience with this guy. Seriously needs to be addressed if there’s some way to easily DDOS people through the game.


Is it just me or is shadow survival more buggy then usual. I’m used too the error message, but it usually would go away after 4 or 5 times of hitting B, but now it just keeps coming back. It’s like being stuck in a loop.


Shadow survival has become virtually unplayable, because I can’t get passed this error screen. It truly is a perpetual loop. I noticed this problem after the 3.9 update. As a result of this I can’t complete the daily rewards gauntlet for astral gems, shadow points, etc…

To add further irritation, there is no way to go back to the previous screen from this point. If you get tired of waiting the only thing you can do is close out of the game and go back to the Xbox dashboard. This makes you have to start the game again, and sit through the intro again.

I’ve only been able to play 4 shadow survival matches since the update, and getting into everyone of them is about as difficult as qualifying for KI World Cup (I exaggerate of course, but I would imagine that’s a hard thing to do)

Looks like this problem is also affecting shadow missions in shadow Lords.