Ultra Issue Found ..more and more discovered

This is the first topic I’ve created on these forums. I’ve never really had “New Topic”, material worth mentioning.

So, while wrapping up a match VS General Raam, I still had some resources to use. So, I decide to swag a little, and use my Instinct pop to put Raam in a deep stagger before a light manual and then the Ultra. Well, I ended up a few frames short on the the manual, and this allowed Raam back into the blocking state. Since the light manual into Ultra can be a single continuous input, and me being used to it, that input and action ended up hitting a blocking Raam. But then I saw the the screen flash green and knew something went wrong. I thought maybe Raam didn’t get back to block in time. So the replay confirmed it. Then I went to the lab. Below are the clips.

So, this is still new to me, and I’m not sure if this is a game bug, Raam bug, or Hisako bug. I’ll work it with other characters this morning since I am off work.

(standard settings in the lab…just life bar down to 20%, and opponent set to “Block All”)

While I’m waiting on the video rendering and upload, I can confirm Shin Hisako cannot reproduce an Ultra on a blocking General Raam.

Oh No. I just did the same exact thing to Gargos (he deserves it, tho)
Ok, so we now know it is Hisako related, ugh.
The video, now includes a Gargos clip.

If I had just hit the light manual like I was suppose to, everything would be ok…But, i swagged a little too
hard this morning… :thinking:

I have hope that I am wrong, and this is a nightmare.

Video is ready:


So far, it has worked on everyone Ive tried. Raam, Gargos, Rash, Fulgore, Jago, Shago, and now Aganos…it is an epidemic. I think it is safe to assume this is a cast-wide glitch wiith Hisako’s AirOrz.


It seems to be like I thought. Nothing but an Air On Ryo Zan (Shadow will work, too) will get the Ultra to come out. Atleast not for me, yet.


So in basic terms you are saying you can get an Ultra off a blocking opponent? Or only a late block out of a stagger?

If a player is in danger and they are blocking, you are still able to go into Ultra even though, technically you shouldn’t be able to. This was the same issue that was happening with Rash. It was confirmed to be happening with Eagle and now I guess several characters are able to do this.

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Live look at me at my desk right now:

(We’re aware. No ETA but thanks for the head’s up.)


Super bummer, because this is very easy to reproduce in training mode.

I don’t know the state of the KI team right now, but if they are planning to fix this eventually, we should try to track down any other instances where this can happen and get them all fixed at once.

Also, that Rash bug where he can link anything after a LK auto-double should probably also should squeak into a theoretical patch.


Yeah if y’all can find any/other characters this happens with, and can provide videos of it, that would be awesome.


Videos of this particular issue happening both in-game and in-training mode with instructions on how to duplicate contained within this topic.

WHy does this stuff never happen with Omen? lol… all I get with Omen is frame drops from hell when he does shadow linkers or ultras. :wink:

Does this work for Omen or Kilgore?

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I discovered the Hisako “AirOrz” Ultra Bug Two days ago, and now, after messing around with this bug, I may have killed her with it.

not to beat a dead horse, but it gets worse…now we dont even need contact of any sort to me made…

only option changes, lowered health, and no health regeneration:

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Just some more info regarding Hisako’s AirOrz issues:

Did she not even hit him?

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no, and it works on block too
as long as the opponent is in danger

check the top post

Oh man this sucks. I wonder if distance matters? Cause this would be quite absurd.

ive checked the proximity…unless there is stagger or block/hit stun from full screen, it wont register…now if this were Maya, maybe a dagger coud trigger something similar, but in this scenario, its Hisako’s Air On Ryo Zan move.

have you made this work in a match though?

yessir…the NWO boys are giving me jimmy-eyes

but, all they need to do is pick up isako and it a fair fight…i teach them them everything i find.

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