Ultra Issue Found ..more and more discovered

i dont spam it unless i have a tbagger or a taunter…then they know my name, and all is forgiven.

Hisako brings us all closer together, like a family therapist… of sorts

And here I am, just starting to learn Hisako! :smiley:

So how can an opponent avoid it? back dash?

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well…hisako cant have shadow meter, so thats a sign it wont work…but if its gonna whiff, just get off the ground, maybe try an armored shadow move, backdash may work if its far enough, projectiles may inhibit the ultra startup, teleporting may too…the last clip i found were for criteria that would work on a standing or blocking opponenet. Much work still to be done to reach the furthest exploits possible…

If you mess around with it, hit me up with anything interesting you discover…colloboration may be a big help for all this “unknown” bug (s).

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I’m talking with Infil and TryMyAi atm about these bugs…everyone is stumped so far about the no contact ultra

Well, it’s kinda impossible to diagnose the problem beyond “it’s a bug and they should fix it” I guess. It’s just something weird in the code that’s allowing this to happen when it shouldn’t, we don’t have too much insight past that. It’s cool that you found it and brought it to the devs’ attention, I hope they are still financially/contractually able and interested to do a patch for the game.

Like I said in some other post (maybe even this thread), this bug is pretty tough and also the Rash LK auto-double bug should get addressed if they are able to do a patch. Can we poll the devs to at least get a (non-committal) feel for whether the game has a chance of being patched? @snickerdoodle @TotalJimkata

If it is going to be patched, maybe the community can spend a day or so and test out the other characters to make sure we’ve found all possible cases of the “on block ultra” thing, but if it’s not then we can save the time needed to do that.

I mean, I asked about this 2 weeks ago and someone just told me to read the OP lol.

I think the community would be willing to help track down the rest of these cases if there are any, but it’s a fair bit of work and it wouldn’t be a great use of our time if the game had no chance of being patched. So I guess it would help if we knew a bit of the team’s plans before we spent energy checking all the other characters.

i agree…but, with me knowing this character inside and out now, especially after the hard stagger fiasco, I feel inclined to dig deeper, regardless the outcome. Im not neccessarily looking for a cure, or a cause, but it adds a new aspect to my character, and its entertaining. Its actually not that easy to exploit, and you can get yourself killed trying to set up these specific standards. But…i look forward to finding the next issue with her.

You have been very helpful with all the things ive bought to your attention, so thanks again for the help, support, and insight.


well, it would benefit the community to know who has what bugs…that way they have a shot at avoiding them

So for the record, we haven’t been lazy or slacking off or anything. We’ve been working on it and we think we have a fix for Hisako ready to go. When we have a date or more info, we’ll be sure to let y’all know.


Any chance you guys can try to repro with Shin Hisako? We haven’t personally been able to make it happen on our end but it’s worth seeing if you guys can hit it. If so, video pls!

Grazie mille. :heart:


that was my first step after Hisako…i cant get anything similat to work…its because i believe its an AirOnRyoZan related issue, which Shin sadly doesnt have.

EDIT: I’ll continue to do unnatural things with her…see if something breaks or bugs out.

that didnt sound right


Doesn’t she have a Shadow Shin Air on Ryo Zan?

bringing in the lab now


nothing is coming from the Shadow Shin AirOrz…

IMO,mand this may be way off, the reason Hisako’s AirOrz causes the ultra bug (on block), is because it is so plus frames regardless of hit or block. Wouldnt that mean a 1 or 2 frame ultra input could sneak in there and activate just becuase its where it is suppose to be? If the the AirOrz was say, -3 on blocl

Shins AirOrz (adv frames on block):
Heavy --6
Medium --9
Light -10

Hisako (adv frames on block):
Heavy -2
Medium 0
Light -2

4, 9, and 8 frames respectively (on block…) wouldnt that have something to do with it, or am I way off base here?

Apparently there was a way for Eagle to do it on block? Or at least, I heard about it as a rumor, I’ve never seen it myself. Someone in this forum was talking about it a while ago.

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Ya, I am looking at that too in this fix but have not been able to repro it. If anyone has vid please link.

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Look! TotalJimkata is here!

I called in my own big guns because he knows better than I do. :slight_smile:

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All good thoughts, an appreciate the help checking it. Have not been able to get it to work on Shin either.

We have a fix, putting it through the wringer and checking a few other characters before finalizing this.