Ultimates Ultra Pack


My source is what I’ve seen and read on various other sites since its release. Don’t tell me one of the main demographics MS was aiming for wasn’t the nostalgia crowd when they decided to reboot this franchise, and don’t act like there aren’t thousands of other Maximilian Doods out there that were absolutely freaking out when KI was announced. You want to disagree, that’s fine. Judging by the snarky replies, I can see what you’re trying to do, and I’d just like to say I think it’s very unprofessional.


It is no snark, just calling out that your reasoning is very opinionated and based on nothing but pure conjecture and should be treated as such.

It is also decidedly terse and candid because there is, purposefully, no ambiguity intended. I want the above point to be very clear.


I’ll rephrase - A MAJORITY of the nostalgia crowd.:wink:


I won’t contest that the nostalgia crowd isn’t present. I’m part of the nostalgia crowd. But it’s important to note that it wasn’t the nostalgia acting as MS primary motivation to reboot, and it wasn’t my primary motivation to come to play. But yes there is representation of this demographic.


I won’t argue that point. Profit is the obvious and primary reason they rebooted the franchise. However, I still think they saw a huge opportunity with the nostalgia market and made that the initial focus marketing-wise until a larger player base could be built. Now that new fan base is there, the nostalgia folks, which were a huge part in the beginning, are now starting to wane. As I mentioned in other threads, I haven’t played KI in well over a year, but recently became interested again when ultimates were announced. Now that I’ve seen the direction MS/IG is going with them, it’s not enough to get me playing again, and I’m sure there are many more that feel the same way.


Of course. Profit is the motivation for any industry. Knowing your audience (in this case… The public) is a prudent business practice. Obviously a Mary Kay representative would not be well received at a Harley Davidson shop for example.


Funny. Lol


The below has a teen rating. Not trying to compare but we need some Killer Instinct in those Ultimates.



People act like that the T rating is the reason the Ultimates the way they are. Guess what? That is not even true. Change the rating to M? The Ultimates would still be the way they are. The Ultimates are not the way they are because of the rating. They are the way they are because THE DEVELOPERS MADE THEM THAT WAY OUT OF THEIR OWN CHOICE. It’s purposely made ambiguous on whether the opponent is dead or alive. The rating doesn’t have to do with it.


When people believe T rating limits the creativity, instead realising that the Ultimates are as they are independent of the rating, just limited at what MS wants

BTW, being an old KI fan doesn’t make you nostalgic

I was a fan of the previous games, but I love even more this one, I prefer it’s direction, aesthetics, combat system, ultimates… everything. I believe its better in all areas than the originals

I don’t consider myself a nostalgic. Just another player who knows to love the old ones, and praise the (many) triumphs and good choices of the current

For the people who wants stuff like the originals… do you wear the same clothes style than 20 years ago? Do you eat the same food? Do you spend your spare time in the same activities? Has anything in your life… evolved into a different thing?

Because people evolve. That’s the reason this game , although inspired in the originals, is not exactly the same.

And praise god is not, because KI1 and K2 didn’t aged well in some stuff like combat mechanics…


I still wear a Fulgore T-shirt…

…not that I disagree with any of your points, quite the contrary, but still, I just wanted to point that out.
My old Fulgore tshirt made 10th grade awesome. :sunglasses:


Well if you could find out that would be great because I have no idea.


BTW I mentioned the Teen rating because that’s people’s rebuttal on here. I am merely stating the same it shouldn’t make a difference.

Now! This game was evolving Season 1 and season 2. Season 3 just went the opposite direction. You’re also missing the point on the Ultimates. Evolving does not mean boring. Sorry these are boring and bland. Comparing food and clothes is a terrible comparison for this. Not the same thing at all. These Ultimates are censored to death. I’d like for the developers and animators to chime in here on this. Because what you’re saying is mere speculation. None of us know why they made them this way. Again, they are not very good. I’d actually pay for better ones. They need to show the action happening. Some of the ideas also need to be better. Maybe they should ask us what we would like to see in Ultimates. Now there’s an idea.


Many of us are perfectly happy with them. Wrong! You must not read their Facebook page. Are you a Democrat? Because you sure argue like one. You can be a fanboy if you want but these are trash. Again, you are only one person and your comment is a pebble in the road. I don’t have time to sit here and analyze every sentence and think of a rebuttal. Personally I don’t care that much. With that said this is an Xbox exclusive. The only reason why I have one is for this game. Do I have other Xbone games yes but they were an after thought. I played this game everyday for hours. Season 3 is where that all started to slow down. They didn’t give us a true S3 story/arcade mode like s1 and s2. They gave us Microtransaction Shadow Lords where every team has the same ending and a lot of the same dialogues. Sorry that’s boring. Now they release these bland Ultimates which are also boring. It was better under Double Helix. You can say what you want but I know games and I’ve watch them die over the years. If they continue on this road well let’s not go there. I’ll just play Injustice 2 because Ed Boon gets it.


No, they’re not censored, and the devs have already chimed in about ultimates multiple times:

And I say they’re good. Opinions.

Now there’s a terrible idea, let’s consult random people online that have no idea how game development works on how to make ultimates.

A vocal minority on a Facebook page are unhappy. Oh no! You like to talk about comments here on the forums being pebbles, but I’m sorry to say that you’re just a vocal minority that’s just a pebble in the road too compared to the millions of KI players out there.

Continue on the road that has kept KI alive and well for 3 and a half years after the IP was dead for 17 years? Okay.


Lol. I am exactly the same number of people as you.

You clearly have the time because you are responding to every single post on here. Seems like you care a lot. You just don’t actually have anything to say that makes any sense. You don’t like them, therefore they are no good. Repeat a hundred times. Claim this proves they are bad and no one likes them.

ROFL! Wut?

Yes. Clearly you are an expert. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.[quote=“MATHUBISHOP, post:838, topic:20057”]
I’ll just play Injustice 2 because Ed Boon gets it.

Go to the Test Your Might forums and see how many angry people that hate NRS games are their posting trash. You would probably love it.


No joke, you won’t even be satisfied with it if you want them to bring back that ultimate for orchid.

I’d probably read nothing but people groaning and moaning over the ninja’s not being palate swaps lol.

But the devs also said that while they do turn to nostalgia, its not done tot he point where the game is not a carbon copy of the original.


Except you had no reason to purchase any of these transactions as you can get these packs in the game itself by playing, so these weren’t forced on you as your statement implies.

Drop the Ad Hominem attacks and argue his points. There’s absolutely no reason for this.

Which is supposed to mean what? That here are more people who dislike them than the other side? It looks like you’re ignoring those who do appreciate them (which could be more or vise versa) in effort to make those who dislike them more prevalent (which could not be more or vise versa).


Wow the arguments got way out of hand. Here’s an idea that might maybe make everyone happy(or at least most people)

From what I’ve heard not all characters were going to get ultimates, so how about a contest. The devs pick 5 characters that don’t have plans for ultimates in the future, put their assets into an app that players can use to animate their own ultimate, then have them upload their animations to a server linked to the devs. the devs will look at each one and pick the best for each character, and those 5 will be added to an ultimates pack that will forever be part of the game.

this way not only will all characters have ultmates but players will have some say on how the ultimates end up. plus such a contest would be fun in and of itself. everyone wins.


Is not that simple. Devs(in general, not IG and MS in particular) can’t do this stuff for legal issues.

Just to put an example, what if they do a character you suggest AND they say that YOUR idea was the one they choosed. And now you want the royalties of that character sales and demand them. Problems!

It’s just an example, but the point is that they have to be vague on some areas to avoid problems