Ultimates Ultra Pack

Take a look at the Ultimates coming for each of the following characters:

Fulgore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp0PD_Rg4H0

Sadira: https://www.ultra-combo.com/sadiras-ultimate/

Riptor: https://www.ultra-combo.com/riptors-ultimate/

Kilgore: https://www.ultra-combo.com/kilgores-ultimate/

Aria: https://www.ultra-combo.com/arias-ultimate/


WOW! that Sadira was awesome! Who ever created that Ultimate did a fantastic job!


Good stuff! Certainly looks like the animation is getting better, at least with Sadira’s movement.

I hate Sadira. But her Ultimate is really good! lol


Agreed, it was full of character and the fresh new animations were a welcome sight.

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One word: Sadistic.


Eh. I mean it gets mad style points. The way sadira caress the opponent id’s something she would do. Then ending cutb isn’t just for me.

Overall it’s a good ultimate. Just Not for me. :+1:


Why do there no Kilgore in this list?

i love shin hisako grimace/angry face in reaction to the ultimate. i hope every charecter has their own reaction animation. i also like how you can almost see the fire in sadira eyes. so cool


Sadira’s Ultimate also shows that it would have been MUCH cooler, had the game not been rated T for Teen.

She’s an assassin, she kills people, and though this is a rather simple, yet cool-looking Ultimate, it becomes lackluster because the real action happens off-screen.

I mean… if you can’t show it, then do something else! Be more creative then and make something really cool-looking that you actually CAN show.


I concur. I was liking where the ultimate was going until we couldn’t see the Action.


Sometimes you can never win it seems.
MK is out if you want viseral

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I love it

Sadira: “I’m not touching you~”
Shinsako: “…stop it.”

Sadira: "LOL I’m not touching you~"
Shinsako: “S T O P I T”


The point isn’t "lol gore!!!"
The point is, instead of making something that you CAN’T show on-screen, make something you CAN show.

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Because I accidentally put Mira in there instead.


i dunno it still feels to me that there is apart of the wow factor that is there because you cant see it. its more …idk impact whereas unfortunately with mk and horror movies in general cutting someone throat like that isnt as impact to me if they had just shown it. just a “wham bam thank you mam” instead we get the amazing view into sadira’s eyes as she stares into your soul as she does it.

of course summoning the giant spider would have been just as good if not better lol

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I was actually afraid that there would be spiders, due to arachnophobia, so that was a relief, at least. XD

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Do you guys really think a professional assassin would summon a spider just to kill one enemy?

The best assassins are always the quick and simple ones.

I love it! I was originally hoping that her giant spider friend from her stage would play a part, but the webs, the up close face touch, followed by the off-screen slash… It’s just cold, and it matches her completely. Can’t wait to try this one out!! :slight_smile:

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Well, she IS the queen b#tch of spiders. XD
But as said, I do like the clean and simplicity of the Ultimate. I am just not a fan of censorship of any kind. Which is why I would rather they made something that did not need to be censored.