Ultimates Ultra Pack


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Sounds like you’re the one overreacting.

End of conversation.




…um…I fail to see all this so-called gore you’re talking about. Several of them are just goofy and campy (Thunder knocking Wulf up into the air and a can of dog food drops) And the only one that could be considered gory (Riptor eating her opponent) cuts away when the actual action starts.
Yes there are a few splashes of blood, but no dismemberments, no disembowelments, no decapitations, no bullet holes, no one exploding into gibs, no gore of any sort.

I think you need to take off the nostalgia glasses there bud.


You’re right some of them are goofy and that would be better than what these are. Like Orchids chest flash. See that was actually funny. Riptor eats a person an then farts (yes I know it cuts away there). There is gore. I’m not asking for bullet holes or anything. Just put some umph into them. I want to see that again Killer Instinct flavor. Back in the day there were oh sh*$ moments. Let’s be honest these can be better.


I have no idea how to create one but I’m pretty sure there already was one somewhere.


Yes they could, but the stomping would be off screen.


That’s not what I want.

This is backwards and is the pathway to NEVER BEING SATISFIED with anything…

Really dude?[quote=“MATHUBISHOP, post:809, topic:20057”]
Like Orchids chest flash. See that was actually funny.
If by funny you mean juvenile and offensive…

Yes, every 7 year old in the world loves this. It shows just how much more gritty and mature the original game was.

The developers have chosen a particular direction with the Ultimates for this game. You don’t have to like it. No one thinks they “couldn’t” have done it differently. They chose to do it this way. Many of us are perfectly happy with what they have done. You aren’t. That’s great, but when you appear on the forums and pretend that you are speaking for “the community” or a larger population than just yourself it encourages people to argue with you.


Good points there sir.


Ultimates are least important thing in this game and ppl are dropping game over them? Wtf…


I can bet last char is the Master from ki Gold training mode and he is jago’s teacher.


Spoken like a boss. Solid arguments the entire way. I agree with @BigBadAndy


You mean the old sensai that sits in the back clap twice and say pass. That guy?




I think a better way of saying it is people who are getting bored with the game after 3+years were thinking Ultimates would be this amazing new concept that would somehow open new worlds of excitement and enjoyment to them, and turns out it was nothing more than a flashy animation you could tack on to the end of a fight.


There’s no denying that a large part of KI’s player base is the nostalgia folks from the 90s, which I happen to be part of. A large part of the fun from the original games was the No Mercies and Ultimates. Like many in this group, I have been waiting patiently for years for kill moves to finally return, and was overjoyed when they were announced. But now that they’re finally here, I feel the direction MS/IG is taking with them has been mostly disappointing and a huge letdown. For me, this was the final nail in the coffin for KI, and I’m going to assume the same for the rest of the nostalgia crowd as well. I’m just getting bored with the game, and more so now that I know it’s never going to be like the originals I remember as a kid.


Where are you pulling this “fact” from?


So you’re saying it’s not?


I am clearly asking where is your source.


Considering I’m part of that crowd, I think it might be worth point out that I’m fine with what we got, so…