Ultimates Ultra Pack


I’ve been messing around with Riptor lately and like his Ultimate, but was thinking how it would be cool if it had an ending like Felicia’s Super from Marvel vs Capcom 3 as ending with a bunch of Riptors jumping in to chow down on the opponent around 28 sec of the vid



It would be neat, but I don’t think KI’s engine is designed to have more than 2 characters loaded up at a time.


It’s a cinematic so it could happen…maybe Got the idea watching the story mode that showed the other multiple Riptor-like dinos (Only 1 is called Riptor).

Keep everything, except where the burn starts in the end you get the Dino pile on.

It’s moot now anyway.


One is called riptor the others are stalker units


Yeah…brain farted for bit there.


Man you’re wrong. They could have easily done something like this.

Also, Injustice 2 has a teen rating and the supers are way more brutal than this. Don’t agree that MOST OF US AGREE WITH HOW THE ULTIMATES ARE.


blue beetle, bane, cat woman, the ending for brainiac and some more disagrees. there are some supers in injustice 2 that i really dont like and are way less brutal than what was shown in ki


IJ2 isn’t even out yet. I’m just using it as an example for camera angles and such. You have to admit the Orchids classic no mercy has what we want.


the jumping on a frog? not really. i want orchid ultimate to use powers she already has instead of some weird ultimate only magic transformation attack. a pack of giant explosive fire cat attack ending with orchid turining into a giant firecat the size of riptor jumping with a super sized explosion is what i want


Stop looking at it for what it is rather than what it should be. Point is they can show the violence they don’t need to cut away everything. Killer instinct had blood they can show it.

Example number 2


You do realize you’re using examples from a now M rated title right?


This made me chuckle a bit, don’t speak for others and toss around words like “we” when someone clearly disagrees with your version of what you want. Also stomping on a person turned frog is what the community wants?


My only beef with the fulgore no mercy is that he is sporting only one Chevron. That’s a pretty low military ranking.


They can. They choose not to.

End of conversation duplicate #10000


My god please don’t be that dumb. I’ll explain again and I’m part of the community so I can speak and I will be heard. You are only one person. It’s an example of what can be shown. They cut away everything when it can be shown. The original classics had gore and blood. It also showed what was going on instead of cutting away. I’m sorry these Ultimates suck!


By all means if you don’t like them that’s just fine and dandy I could care less honestly, that’s your opinion. What I was pointing out was that if you want to voice your opinion do so for yourself and not use a word like “we” when describing what you would rather be in game when someone clearly disagreed with what you want.

Also out of all the examples of gory and violent ultimates/no mercies you could have chosen to prove your point you choose the one where the opponent gets turned into a frog and stepped on which imo is pretty tame.

Lastly I didn’t once insult you so why’re calling me dumb? if you’re on these forums, play/ enjoy the game then you’re part of the community and can always voice your opinion on the game so long as it’s constructive.


If you noticed I posted another one after with Fulgore blasting the opponent and blood pouring out. I’m not going to find and link every single classic Ultimate. Point is they need some WOW Factor. They have zero zilch and they are very bland. They can push the limits of the teen rating yet they choose not to. You know what WE can do is find out what WE all want. Can we create a poll on those who like or dislike them and what they would like to see? More gore, no cut aways, etc… Sorry for calling you dumb but I really hate seeing one of my favorite games butchered. Are you able to create a poll for the community?


No. They choose to make people not play their game. Conversation continued. :wink:


Yes I do. They can push the boundaries if they want to.


No offence but that’s kind of a overreacting statement. Pretty sure there are a lot of people who play the game for more than just finishers

Keep in mind this is the same rating system that forced the devs to censor Hisako’s command grab despite it subtlety