Ultimates Ultra Pack


This KI community is just a small portion of the people that play the game. I’m going to say that a lot of casuals probably don’t even check the forums but they are important. Regardless if the devs chose to do it this way it should be changed. The Ultimates are awful and need help. Whether you like it or not. The way they are presented surely isn’t giving any players a reason to pick the game back up. This Killer Implied rather than Killer Instinct is nonsense. At this point I wish they had just left them out. I’m posting the first few comments from KI Riptors Ultimate on YouTube. I definitely read a lot of negativity.


People will say a lot of things to get the other side salty it seems. But while it is true that there are people who dislike the ultimates, there is defiantly those who do like it.


I think we need a social media poll to weigh it. I’ve asked for it and I’m all about it. With that said here’s my suggestion since there is nothing constructive going on.


You were literally given straight up quotes from the literal dev telling exactly that… his username is TempusChaoti. It’s a couple posts up. What more do you need.

Besides imo if some casual hates the the free ultimates so much that they will literally stop playing the game they were never going to stay with the game anyway and their opinion doesn’t merit much anyway.

The game isn’t gonna die cause some guys on YouTube are not satisfied with the free non gameplay related content they received from the devs…for no other reason than it’s not violent enough? That you don’t see the finishing blow? It’s not what they envision in their head…like seriously…


Why are you commenting on something I edited out? Like seriously? At least read the constructive post with the photo of what I messaged the dev. It’s right before your post. Smh


Couldn’t agree more.

I’m sorry, man, but on what planet do you live on that youtube comments mean anything? You’re going to see mostly negative comments on 95% of all video game trailers/reveals ever because the negative people are far more likely to respond with a comment, since they wish to be heard. Meanwhile, they are many people who are content and/or happy with what they’re getting and don’t feel the need to respond (though they should be encouraged to, all voices should be heard).

There’s no turning back on the developers’ decision. They made their choice and they are sticking to it. They are not going to go back on what they made because they see that many people appreciate what they are doing and because of how they need to manage resources and planning. And they sure aren’t going through the effort of making a “video demo” for one guy on the forums who can’t make a good argument without falling over his own feet or resorting to posting a select number of other opinions. You should honestly appreciate that they even read these forums and your posts, let alone actually consider feedback.


If you’re going to ask someone to do that, be sure you do the same for others.

To your point. I disagree with what your summation is of what we’re given and what we’re going to get. These are nice finishers in my book, at least mostly, but I’m very satisfied with all that we have got.


Are we still on this? Those old ultimates are garbage. Nope-stalgia. Damn, what’s with you people throwing dirt on KI? Shadow KI fans.


Cause people have their reasons to actually dislike what their given and would like something that is better. Nothing wrong with it, nor is informing the devs that it didn’t meet their standards.

We shouldn’t shun a constructive outlying opinion.


One guy can make all the difference. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc… I’d like to call it Earth but it sounds like you live on Uranus. You have no idea what the devs are thinking or considering so why say that you know? Way to go taking something constructive I said and attempting to delegitimize it. I don’t care what you say because I asked them directly. I just used their official YouTube page (one of many social media sites). I’m not going to mine them all and then post on here. That’s ridiculous and a waste of time. Can you be constructive next time or do you want to keep arguing? All I’m asking for is feedback. That’s data they can review. Why do you think companies give surveys? Because it’s feedback on how they can improve. That is simply that. Why keep doing something one way if it’s not desired the way it is being presented? I am asking that they give us a voice and a say in what we want. If they give us a few sample video versions and then have the community vote whether or not they want Implied or Killer. What’s wrong with that? This will at the very least get people involved.


Why you necro’ed a really old thread to ask that, I don’t know.

Regardless, no. We’re not opening the game up to public forum IRT artistic development decisions. You’re free to choose to play or not, pay or not, but everyone’s got an opinion, and while you can express that you don’t feel something is the “right” opinion, on this you’re arguing taste, and there’s no right answer to that.

Additionally, the process of gathering feedback from such a large group presents a lot of logistical issues and slows the entire process of creation down, which by the end of it all, doesn’t guarantee that you get something better for everyone out of it – maybe something that the more vocal of those involved like – but the adage is true: you can’t please everyone.

It’s great that you think ultimates should be bloodier / more violent / more specific, but we decided not to go that route, as I’ve stated already.


I was going to do the classic “Quote each line and explain why it’s a bad argument” but after that reply I decided it wasn’t worth my time. Ignorance is bliss, friend :sunglasses:


I don’t agree with your statement that I can choose to pay or not pay. I’ve already paid a long time ago and purchased every season digitally. There’s no way to unpay that. Now you’re right I can choose to play or not play now. However, I’m barely playing at all now when I used to play everyday religiously for hours on end. Why is that you ask? Well definitely the direction season 3 went. No true S3 story/arcade mode like S1 and S2. We get microtransaction shadow lords that has repetitive dialogues and the same ending. So there’s a let down there. S1 and S2 set a certain expectation. Now these intent Ultimates for me do not serve the classics justice. Let down #2. You guys can Ultimately do what you want but you should give the fans constructive input on the creativity. Simply asking whether we all like something or not. Video polls, surveys on our thoughts on the various seasons. What we liked and what we didn’t like. What’s the harm in that? At least you’ll know. Why have a rushed product when you can have an Ultimate one?


The only bad argument is the one that doesn’t speak up. Go ahead do your line by line I still stand by what I said. I don’t have to agree with what the devs are doing. It wasn’t under them when the game began and now we get remix characters (no originality). I’m going to stop there. You can :sunglasses: all you want but this game is sinking.


I have said my peace. End Rant


My bad I probably saw it before you edited it out…


All good. Again, I have said my peace to all…


I’m sold.Those youtube comments posted above with moonlightninja in them convinced me these ultimates suck!

p.s Riptors ultimate has 531 thumbs up to 380 thumbs down.Seems more people enjoy it more then not

Numbers dont lie :smiley:


Internet rule #1: double check your sources
Internet rule #2: YouTube comments are a toxic dumpster fire and should not be used as a gauge of any sort of popular opinion ever.


Lmao. Likes and Dislikes on YouTube hold no weight. And Noooooobody should be mentioning…that guy.