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Man, I never knew my comment on how adorable Riptor’s Ultimate is got so many likes! I feel like a super star :blush:


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Well, yeah, if you come here, insult people, and then basically say “I dare anybody to speak against me”…yeah, it probably will be only a matter of time.

As for the rest of your post…why should anyone bother to “lawyer” you? You’re just rehashing your same grievances with just about no variance yet again that has been heard and given due consideration like everyone else’s posts. Everyone has already said their peace against your opinion.


Return to topic.


You’re the new “Cash me outside” girl.


How about DAH?


Back to the real discussion. Fulgore’s Ultimate tops all the ultimates.


Nah I think you mixed up a couple letters let me rearrange them for you


Lmao damn you.


People be crunchy.


No, Riptor’s tops all Ultimates…and then she snaps at them and misses. :joy:


Yep look at skull girls… they had those issues


Doa5 did something like this, and the winner got their move put in the game, and their name in the credits. Don’t think there was ever a problem…


I don’t understand this obsession over a story mode. I will use Injustice 2 as an example. I beat the story in about an hour and a half “both endings and both sides of stories that had 2 characters”. Another day to see all the endings for each character. Now, I am done with the story. Yes, it was great, but now there is zero benifit to repeating it. All that is left now for a story is the “multiverse”. Now to me it plays just like a form of shadow lords. Although it doesn’t have the stat buffs and items, but the short little text stories are the same. I am very happy with the choice of SL mode over a one and done story mode.

I think the Ultimates are just fine. They all end after the ultimate move, and to me that is alot better than going back to the fighing stage to see a character fall over “or kneel like they do in Injustice 2 after a supermove”. I like that it is a quick flashy little move to end the match. It doesn’t need to be some 3 minute ordeal showing every single move and hit.


Well the thing to keep in mind is one game’s story mode is another game’s arcade mode. I think it’s fair that if we’re going to discuss anything we’re comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.
Yeah, Injustice’s Story mode is kinda a 1 and done for most of us, but you have to keep in mind the game is made to have enough variety to appease the hardcore FGC and the common everyday Joe that thinks the Justice League cartoon was cool a few years back and wants to see what is essentially a new episode of it, and hey, there’s a game attached that I can likely button mash through. So they drop $60, watch the movie, play it for a week or 2, and move on satisfied.

As far as KI’s “story mode”…honestly “story” KI pretty much just means arcade mode. And yes, some people played through it once and got their endings and went back to ranked. But as of right now it’s an incomplete mode…kinda…I suppose you could say season 1 & 2 are complete just like you can say Mira’s not missing a stage, but the point is it’s one of those features some of us would like to see fully realized instead of it being a project that was partially done then abandoned when a different project presented itself. Back when I was playing KI1 all I ever did was arcade mode, not that there was anything else besides vs, but I ran through a ladder pretty much every day for nearly 2 years…not just for the little tidbit of story but for the feeling of accomplishment from reaching and beating the boss. Yes survival isn’t much different, but when you stop survival, there is no sense of accomplishment, just the feeling that if you had managed to get that one or 2 more hits in you wouldn’t have to start the whole thing over again.
Anyway that’s just my feelings, rambling as I seem to be.

I also agree that the Ultimates are fine & great as is…not that that’s news to anyone.


What a better way to celebrate Eagle’s release is by having another KI Ultimate Alternate Ending video! This time, it’s with the rock man himself, Aganos.

Like my other KI Ultimate Alternate Ending videos, don’t expect that much on what you are about to see. This was purely made for fun and have put some effort to this!

FIGHT ON!!! :sunglasses:



That was AWESOME!!!


Oh my god I am crying. I thought the NBA Jam reference was the best, and couldn’t be topped…then I heard that music…


I can’t stop laughing. Thank you :joy: