Ultimates Ultra Pack


The NBA Jam reference was awesome.


Now the mushroom cloud finish was satisfying


This put me in a great mood! Thanks for showing this off!


If Iron galaxy would take their time to do a last ultimate pack. Like an evil pack with ultimates for Kan-ra, Omen, Spinal, Cinder. Yep, just 4. Fierce4 lol. And then a boss pack with ultimates for Eyedol, Gargos and General raam as well. Take my money! Full support this idea. Celebrate steam version with new ultimate packs!


That pic is golden! Love it!


Yoo this is great! :slight_smile: lmao


lmao ok time to officially alter it to the meteor strike


Eta of a new ultimate to be shown this week?


I’m late to the party here, but dude this was brilliant. The NBA Jam overlay was fantastic and the timing was perfect. Really great. The whole thing made me smile.


I held off on watching the videos of the Ultimate’s so I could see them in the game first and I have to say I’m a little disappointing with them specifically Mira’s when she bites the opponents neck the Camera angle makes it so you cant see it come on a vampire neck bite isn’t even that bad it hardly considered violent so the fact that was censored with it camera angling is just to much. The Censoring need to stop guys you have gone to far with it now this game is starting to look more and more like its for little kids instead of being brought back for the people that grew up with it who are now adults.


It’s not censoring if it was never supposed to be shown in the first place.again.for the 1000th time.


who gave you that idea it most certainly still is it dosnt matter if they never planed to show you if someone still dose something and they turn away from them doing it so you cant see them but you know there still doing then thats a form of Censoring


That is what they intended to do with these.The camera isn’t turning away to hide anything.


You type just like moonlightninja dose


verb: censor; 3rd person present: censors; past tense: censored; past participle: censored; gerund or present participle: censoring
examine (a book, movie, etc.) officially and suppress unacceptable parts of it.
“my mail was being censored"
synonyms: cut, delete parts of, make cuts in, blue-pencil, redact; More
edit, expurgate, bowdlerize, sanitize;
informalclean up
"letters home were censored”

Like the guy said, if this is the official final product and what the creators intended to be shown, no censoring is taking place.

Now on the other hand if you look at MKvDC where it is well known that the Joker’s fatality was forcibly toned down by WB’s execs…that was censorship.
But Adam Isgreen has gone on record to say that the Ultimates are purposefully designed to leave the finality of them ambiguous, so whether you like how they are or not, which you are certainly free to like or dislike them, censorship is not a factor in the presentation.


Case closed?


Moonlightninja I know you’ll be back with another alternate account. You love this place although you pretend you don’t. For what it’s worth I never came across any troll comments from your Shinobi account so I hope you’ll be as decent when you return.


So he was the infamous moonlightninja? Huh. He got banned initially shortly after I joined the forums, so I never really had any interaction with him…that I knew of anyway. Oh well.


Topic at hand, folks.