Ultimates Monster Pack


So who’s left in the Ultimate list?


No one.


Yes. But I meant that after the monsters.


I know.

Show your support to the devs if you want me to be wrong.


Aw man, that was great of them to provide that for you! These are so creative and well-done, too. Sabrewulf turning into Crash cracked me up (I’m a sucker for memes I admit), and even though I totally didn’t get the reference I also laughed at Cinder falling into “hell” and passing by a bunch of spaghetti and meatballs?? Delightfully bizarre.

Also Glacius’ singing is simply beautiful. With dancing and now a stunning vocal performance, his species seems to have a knack for the theatrical. :stuck_out_tongue:



… cool.


It’s actually a reference to a Spongebob Episode. It’s the one where Spongebob and Friends become the Flying Dutchman’s crew. Squid ward gets thrown into “The Fly of Despair”, and one of the things he falls past in the background is Spaghetti and Meatballs along with other spooky and scary things.


I know. It’s such a surreal feeling. :smiley:

That is actually a reference to the SpongeBob episode, “Shanghaied”! In particular, it’s the part where Squidward is sent by The Flying Dutchman to the Fly of Despair! Heck, I actually took the portal backgrounds from said episode and the music used is from that particular moment! :grinning:


Is that episode the origin of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or a reference. Or just my bored mind overthinking things


It’s very well done. Good job! Instantly knew what you were going for.

I love these all. I laughed at all of them, but I think I laughed hardest at the Glacius one, and the first Hisako one because that was hilariously random :joy:


Wow this one was pretty cool. I love the pose Glacius did at the end with the freezing effect.
Though honestly I hoped they would use the ult on riptor instead of Eyedol for the obvious Mr. Freeze reference from “Batman and Robin”.

Updated list for best ults in this pack for me:


Now that’s what I call an ultimate lol .


Really enjoyed that one! Love the ice boulders, the uppercut and basically creating a pit underneath the opponent, plus Glacius looking on as the screen freezes. Just a top notch Ultimate from start to finish. Definitely in my top five.

Great work, MS/IG, on all of these!!!

Put me down as wanting to see these for the rest of the cast. I’m sure you guys could do some awesome stuff with the rest of the cast! :grin:


His Ultimate finisher is perfect! :slight_smile:


I told you you would like it specifically!

Anyone else who wants to debate my various “cool, cold-blooded, frosty” puns, I still think you’ll find it difficult or impossible!


OMG dude when NASH appeared behind Cinder I cracked up!!! Thats was the best one!


These are great man. I’m sitting in an airport in Can Tho Vietnam cracking up at Glacius singing Frozen and people are staring at me (granted people here pretty much stare at me anyway).

I also really like the Hisako Akuma edit. Well done.


Haters gonna hate but…Glacius might have taken the #1 spot for best Ultimate in my book.


OOOHHHHHH!!! that was nasty or least it could be.


Definitely @developers thank you so much, glacius has a real real real real real Ultimate apropriate. i could never stop saying thankx OMG !!! all my three mains got the best ultimate in this game, i thank you so much!!!