Ultimates Monster Pack



I’m going to get in trouble for sharing this early, but enjoy this pre-sneak-peek-preview screenshot!


I’m just sitting here squirming with excitement for it!


Are you squirming, or maybe just frozen in place with anticipation?

… I’ll see myself out.


No, that works better. ;w;


I found the full thing!!
…please don’t ban me.


I promise it shows off his true cold-blooded efficiency.


It’s been leaked here:



when can we expect it?


I keep refreshing but nothing’s happening:


An appropriate edit to a previous post of mine in the thread

Glacius Ultimate when?


There you go.


That ending reminds me of the MK4 game over screen! Awesome!


Not quite what I expected but pretty good regardless. :+1:

It’s in my top 5 ultimates. Pretty sad that’s the last one we get though.


Damn, love the pose at the end.

Seeing Glacius doing straight up fisticuffs is kinda weird though.


The screen freezing effect at the end is honestly the best part, they should add that to more Glacius poses!



Before anybody asks, let me explain. So I’m sure most of you have seen that post of mine weeks ago in this thread, in which I am not able to make alternate endings to the rest of the Ultimate Monster Pack due to senior high classes coming. A day after I posted that, @rukizzel, who saw and liked the Aganos Ultimate Alternate Endings video of mine before, of all things, sent me a PM regarding my concern. He told me that if he gave the video links of Mira, Sabrewulf, Hisako, and Glacius’ Ultimates without sharing to others yet, I would have enough time to create. Being an ordinary guy who’s been in the KI Forums for two years now, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The fact he’s given me an opportunity to have an “early access” to these Ultimates felt like a dream experience coming true. Right away, I replied and accepted it, sure enough, gave me the links, went on to see the Ultimates, brainstorming ideas, and finally started making the video. It took days to finish to say the least.

As you can see, unlike my previous KI Ultimate Alternate Endings videos, I thought it would be nice to compile the rest of the Monster Pack in one video to avoid time constraints in making a single video for each of them.

Like I said before, don’t expect too much on what you’re about to see. I’ve put so much effort to it for you guys to appreciate and enjoy!

So yeah. I’d like to thank @rukizzel for his kindness that allowed myself to see the rest of the Ultimates Monster Pack earlier than expected and all of you for giving me the passion and motivation throughout. FIGHT ON! Until then.


Quick somebody put the judgement hat on that win pose.


Lmao suggestions. How to make perfect Ice Cubes



;3; MAN, it’s SO well-done, too! I might have preferred a blade as opposed to the bludgeoning attack of his standing heavy punch, but honestly, the raw power behind is really neat-looking either way. I love how this Ultimate incorporates so much of his moveset–his wide array of abilities is showcased nicely here! From the channeling of power through the mote of light to the viciously powerful blows with his shapeshifting, to the way he uses his domain over ice to finally finish off his opponent… man. I love it! Also the fluttering of his gills at the end as he strikes that valiant pose I LOVE HIS GILLS SO MUCH <3 Such a neat little aspect of the character.

The only thing I think I might change is that I would like to see more of that power that’s behind his blows in his motion when he summons up the clusters of ice shards. Right now it looks like he sort of collapses into it with the way he falls to his knees, which might very well be accurate given the furious expenditure of energy here, but I think it would come across as even more powerful if he sort of “snapped” into the motion like he does in his ultra ender.

That’s a minor thing though and I can easily deal with it. Maaaaan. Man! I love this so much. Thank you KI team, this is a dream come true. <3