Ultimates Monster Pack


I want glacius’ ultimate to be him leaving on his spaceship and then blowing the planet up just like his season one ending. Ha wishful thinking I know. I can dream.


Would have been cooler if there was more contorting instead of one big snap, or maybe had it gone slower showing the reaction of the enemy as they’re broken piece by piece. As it is, I liked the theme but it was mighty short.


It wasn’t an explosion. whens he possessed them, she broke there bones in a way that would kill them. Severing the spinal cord and as a result the death was instant. If not, they would be dead soon. If it was an explosion they would’ve been reduced to a pile of ash or a bloody mess. The explosion you said you saw was actually a damage star that implied impact from the bone breaking.


Yeah, but the thing is one of the points of doing an Ultimate is to be a quick way to finish off the opponent, so as to discourage online players that tend to dominate and then do double and triple Ultras by giving them something special so as to acknowledge their “superiority”, yet keep it short.


yup something I think is a good enough reason not to block ultimates from happening


I wasn’t talkin’ about a ten minuet cinematic! Some of them are longer than others, the Hisako one just seems a little brief is all I was sayin’. I mean her command grab is more brutal than the single CRUNCH of the ultimate.


… Yes, I already made note of this in a post after the one you quoted.


I kinda see what you mean. It’d be cool to have the twist without the flash. It’d be more visceral and reminiscent of horror films that way


Glacius ultimate! So excited!! I’m hoping it will be a lot of clean, precise strikes with his arm shifted into a blade while his opponent staggers back with each hit–nothing too brutal as that doesn’t seem to be in his way, but enough to cut his opponent down quickly and efficiently.

Of course, I’ll be happy with anything they come up with. I’m just happy whenever the icy alien gets some love!


Personally I was hoping for just an overload of ice shards and particle effects, but from my understanding that won’t be the case.

But still, it better be cool. :sunglasses:


I think Im more excited to see what Raven conspiracy theorist and vlad the doom and gloom have to say LOL


We already know. Super combo finishers. Whoever has anything positive to say is a mark. No blood? another sh*t ultimate etc. Yawn :sleeping:

I’ve got high hopes for Glacius’ Ultimate. I think Sabrewulf has a great one but if Glacius’ does turn out to be disappointing im not gonna insult anyone involved. Four great years of KI as far as im concerned. Some bad decisions here and there doesn’t negate that.


I’m sure they’ve got nothing worthwhile to say. They’re pretty one-note…just want to gripe and moan to get everyone’s attention, and like a dog chasing a car they don’t know what to do once they have it. They don’t want a better game, they just want to win an argument.


Something something flaming something something not allowed something something public thread, something something please.


Sorry to bother you about this, but I’m a little fuzzy on where the line is drawn when it comes to just discussing and commenting on something like this vs flaming. Is there any way you could make it more clear? I kinda feel like we’re bumping into invisible walls here.


Directly calling out specific people in a negative fashion as opposed to generic “I wonder what complainers will say” is the main difference here, I would say.


So then @FallofSeraphs76’s post would be crossing that line, but then my response to his post would be a safer because I didn’t exactly name any names?
Would that be accurate?


Let’s take this discussion to PMs and avoid derailing the thread.


I thought before Glacius’s Ultimate is shown I’d bring in a look at his old finishers to help remove the nostalgia glasses and show how dorky his old finishers are:

So KI 1 we had stab/freeze, giant T-1000 blob, and melt into a pool.

KI 2 we have freeze into a huge chunk of ice and ice spear.

…I might also add, no gore to be seen on any of them, and only a little blood on the KI2 spear.


So since today is the day we’re seeing Glacius’s Ultimate, and Glacius has been referred to for a while as “Ice Christ” because of his intro pose…
Does that make today Ice Christmas? Or Christice?
Or would it be Christice Eve, since we’re getting a preview today and the real deal tomorrow?