Ultimates Monster Pack


From what I heard (someone spoiled it to me -_-), It’s going to be really good.


I don’t think it could’ve been more obvious to me.


Good for you then.


The best is Saberwulf and Hisako it’s as simple as that.


Sabrewulf’s I agree with. Hisako’s… could be better, imo.
Tusk’s is perfect, Riptor’s is both funny and awesome, and to be honest, Kilgore’s is pretty funny too. It works for him, even if I don’t like him as a character.


Yeah true shadow jago is also a great one aganos is not bad either.


How could I forget his? It’s literally bowling. XD


It’s more like space jam at least to me.


Looks more like ski ball, to me.


Are we seriously going to discuss what kind of ball-game Aganos’ Ultimate looks like the most? XD




There’s not really any discussion. It’s obviously skee ball. He rolls up a ramp and lands in a cylinder. It’s pretty cut & dry.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not something that’s common in Denmark, so it didn’t really struck my mind.


Well it sure struck Shago’s. lol.


My favorite Ultimate would probably have to be TJ Combo’s. It’s fast, quick, and efficient.


Do you actually mean that, or are you being a contrarian?


My favorite Ultimate is Sanerwulf and Jago


Human Sabrewulf A.K.A. Sanerwulf


Glacius hype!

I’m hoping for some serious aggressive ice action. No slow shots, all stabby-stabs!


hardcore penetrating hype