Ultimates Monster Pack


Strange, I feel the same way about Hisako’s that I felt about Wulf’s. Upon first and second viewing, I was rather underwhelmed. However, after waiting a day and watching again? I actually really like them. :slight_smile:

I love how Wulf just hulks out, swipes and then those cool, green claw marks. Makes me wish he had a move in-game that utilized claw marks in some style or fashion. Either way though, the fact that he looks exhausted and just a tad bit psychotic at the end fits him perfectly and really sells the effort he just put in and maybe the toll it takes on him.

I’m sure I’m reading too much in to what basically amounts to a finishing move, but I’m just trying to say that I like how it’s structured, I like what he does, and I think it’s well put together. It didn’t give me that initial “wow” factor, but it honestly gets better every time I see it. Well don!

Kinda the same feeling for Hisako’s. At first it just felt like she was doing some version of stuff she already does. No big deal. But then when you look closer, certain aspects, like the way she appears behind the opponent, the single contortion, leaving the body on the ground… Plus the way she just disappears under them.

I dunno, the whole thing just works. Not to mention the way she looks at the very end when she jump scares. She looks awesome! Again, I didn’t get an initial “holy crap!” moment, but the subtleties in these moves really help them, in my opinion.


It’ll be cool if they add an extra random jumpscare at the end of the match when the menu pop up.


No, it’d be bad. You would have a lot of people that like KI but despise cheap crappy jump scares just get up and leave. Some people just can’t deal with that sort of thing. Hisako as of right now does a fine balancing act of being close but not bad, but adding a random jump scare would be jumping off the deep end in that regard.


I kinda want her ultra to bleed in to the menus some how and linger a bit.


Hisako’s Ultimate would look like a cinematic death scene without the black background and Killer camera angles.



Pretty much how I feel about it. Sako is an efficient ghost - she’s got her ish together :joy:

@BblackorchidD I like it. Only hope that I can get my X1 set up in Singapore in time to stream and have the ultimate actually still be novel. :slight_smile:

Regarding the Kilgore tournament fund, while I’m by no means a tournament money grubber, I have to say that MS is indeed obligated to put the money towards what they said it would go towards. Anything else would just be unethical from a business perspective.


Why, because this isnt about efficiency… its about entertainment and looking bad asss.
WHY HIT SOMEONE WITH A 147 HIT ULTRA??,…if you can finish it with 1 light punch hit at the very end of a life bar?
Because this is KI and that what KI does… super flashy and over the top.

But you know…your not right and Im not right… its all opinions. SO my point is you can state your opinion without highlighting mine as if Im wrong for thinking that way… no need for an explanation on philosophy of a sniper bind aid or whatever


Since it was in direct response to your post, it would be silly for me not to reference your opinion when stating my counterpoint :sweat_smile:

I wasn’t highlighting yours to say that I thought it was “wrong” either. In fact, the posts by you and others about wanting more cracking was what got me thinking about whether I’d like it with more or just the one, so it’s not like I’m disregarding anyone else’s opinion. Disagreement does not necessarily mean disdain.


I don’t… exactly understand what is happening in her Ultimate…

She possesses the opponent, as she would, and then they fly up in the air, EXPLODES, and then lands on the ground now dead.

Now… here’s what has me confused… Why would Hisako have them explode? That’s not really part of her powers. It would make more sense if she started breaking each limb before breaking their neck, leaving them on the ground completely contorted and broken.

As it is now, it’s like the explosion just happens so sudden and out of nowhere.


Maybe she ate his soul


She twisted her opponent’s body. See how the knees are facing backwards instead of the front?


Still better than Kim Wu’s Ultimate :sob:


See, if the explosion wasn’t happening all so suddenly, I might actually have noticed that.
It doesn’t change my opinion of it though.


If she had one.


There was no explosion.


pretty sure he didn’t even purchase Kilgore and support the community fund. Comical coming from him.


Let’s keep the discussion on the topic at hand; the Ultimates in the Monster pack.


So far I’m quite pleased with this Ultimate pack. Aganos, Sabrewulf, and Hisako are all contenders for my Top 5 favorite Ultimates, and much like TJ even if the actual content of Mira’s finisher isn’t super exciting there are still elements I really like about it, like her poses and expressions

"A delicious neck? For me? Aww, you shouldn’t have~"

I certainly hope the people hyping up Glacius’s Ultimate know what they’re talking about. There’s gotta be a reason they’ve saved it for last!


You know exactly what I mean when I say explosion though, so there’s no need to try and make me look stupid by pointing out the obvious. I’m aware that he doesn’t explode like a bomb or something like that. What I’m talking about is the explosive flash happening which indicates that Hisako did something to him (apparently twisting his body around, which wasn’t obvious to me because of said explosion).


Hisako’s ultimate is scary.

That is all.