Ultimates Monster Pack


Yep. I’m prepared to see this in my life multiple times, back to back very soon.


The jumpscare made me laugh. It was kind of cute. It’s not a critic,I’m just describing my reaction


I already made a slight remix:

The extra audio file was my daughter…from a clip from our old Youtube gaming channel.


I really like this Ultimate. Although I would probably have added one or two more snaps to the opponent’s body.


I love how she looks like she’s pressing her hand against the glass in the win pose
Perfect wallpaper material

Hisako loves you, Hisako wants to come out and play


That’s a big nope on that. So you do you, and I’ll be trying to brush off I just pissed myself. Lol


I will definitely say that Hisako’s is one of my favs so far. Like Wulf it’s simple but it gets he point across with a hint of spooky. I like it. Can’t wait for Glacius

My ranking so far:


My ranking so far will have to be


Mira took 3rd just bc I’m not an aganos player. Loved hisakos bc of the creep factor, bit riptor and wulf were the two that made me care about ki on the first place.


Spooky, fits her personality and archtype very well. Love the jumpscare at the end, and even if she’s trying to be scary, I will never not find her adorable. Ah, Hisako, I may have an easier time playing your Shin form, but I will enjoy pulling this one off. Possess, snap body in half, cute jumpscare, repeat.


They did not ■■■■ it up.


I can’t to see Kim Wus funny face of terror using Hisakos ult.


I haven’t forgotten you tagging me on Twitter with this Mandrill, just haven’t been able to watch it due to lack of high-speed internet right now.

Will let you know when I do :+1:t5:


No problem. Its just a short thing I made in 2 seconds lol


She didn’t eat her opponent, I am sad :frowning:

I like it. Could of used a few more snaps to the body, but it fits the character and was pretty entertaining.


LCD just want to know if he can still win money playing KI, or if he needs to learn a new game. Lol

I agree is it no ones business where the Kigore money went. LCD just trying to figure out how much of it he can win. Maybe it changed and some of the money went to making Eagle. That would burst his bubble.


LCD doesn’t go to tournaments anymore from my understanding.


Hisakos ULT is ok… 2 things i would change

  1. the first animation where she makes the sucking ghoul sound… her face up close doesn’t match the sound… would have been better if she was doing the scary win animation face
  2. as many have mentioned…the possession body contortion could have used a few more twists and turns.

Besides those little details I like it… but its not top 5


This may not be a popular opinion, but I think it actually works better with only one big snap.
Why? Same philosophy as a sniper rifle or ripping off a bandaid; “why would I need to do it again if I could just do it the first time and get it done right?”


So what do the Hisako mains think of this


I’m no hisako main but it’s a hell of a lot better than what I would’ve given her if it were up to me.