Ultimates Monster Pack


The Ultimates Monster Pack releases on August 22nd, but we are giving you a chance to check out each before release.

Here they are:

Aganos: https://www.ultra-combo.com/aganos-ultimate/
Mira: Stay Tuned
Sabrewulf: Stay Tuned
Hisako: Stay Tuned
Glacius: Stay Tuned


Good news everyone, news!


but but… we’ve already seen Aganos ultimate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Aganos’ Ultimate rocks, in my opinion.


Yeah, but I bet Mira’s really bites. :wink:


I liked hers too. I was also pleased with Sabrewulf’s, particularly because that’s my best friend’s main.

All of the Ultimates in this pack are really good, honestly.


I bet Glacius is the cooler.

Are you afraid about how would be Hisako’s?

Kill me already!


I forget some of you have already seen them all. I’m just making an assumption, though with her being a vampire her biting just seems obvious.

She shows her opponent an old VHS tape, and 7 days later she kills them.


I will make no specific statements one way or another about the ones which haven’t been actually revealed yet; I think the people who play these characters will generally be pleased with their Ultimates, though!

I actually look forward to seeing a lot of forum members’ reactions as each one gets shown off.



Is the order above the order in which the reveals will happen? I know it’s been said Glacius is last and he happens to be last on that list.


Dang! I can’t wait to see Mira and Hisako’s! Aganos rocked it!


I’m so damn excited to see these! I love all these characters so much (even though I by hate fighting Aganos) and theyre all getting the goods!
As someone who’s primarily a Wulf main with a Hisako maining girlfriend, this pack is everything I could’ve asked for. While I definitely want everyone to get Ultimates, I’m happy that the characters I like playing all got theirs. :grin:


For those who are looking forward to my “Ultimate Alternate Endings” videos for the rest of the characters in the Ultimates Monster Pack (Mira, Sabrewulf, Hisako, and Glacius), I won’t be making/uploading them by the time their Ultimates are uploaded in YouTube yet.

I felt that this would be now the best time to tell/remind you guys regarding this and there are two reasons:

1.) My senior high classes will be starting by next week, so I may be really busy.
2.) Because of that reason above, I may not think of any “alternate ending” ideas for a while.

If there’s free time, I may create them. So yeah. :disappointed:


On topic with that, I looked on Twitter about other Ultimates and-

So I don’t know what this means, or what it’s implying
But it hurts either way


It’s a non-answer. It means they currently don’t have more Ultimates in the works but it’s not off the table if situations permit them to.

Either that or he’s saying what people have been calling guest characters aren’t considered guests anymore so the concept of guests in KI doesn’t exist.:confused:



Glad someone gets it!


Well you guys have only said stuff like this about a bajillion times on various posts over the last few years. It’s not too hard to catch on.


Mira: hey kids guess who’s coming over for dinner?
Kids: who?
Mira: uncle Saberwulf!

Two hours later

Police Sergeant: ok men our suspect is 5’ 11" 500LBS lots of hair, and goes by the name Saberwulf.

Police commissioner: I’ll call Batman

2 hours later

Police Sergeant: well Batman’s dead. Anyone else you wanna feed to this thing commissioner? Do you have spiderman’s number in your cell phone?

Joker: talk about a punch line. Has hahahaha

Sergeant: joker get back in your cell!


I’m hype for these ultimates… But still waiting on spinal’s ultimate.


Ah. Well, seeing as that’s all cleared up, just can’t wait for the next additions towards this game, Ultimates or not