Ultimates Monster Pack


…didn’t Sub-Zero do that back in MK3?? :confused:

edit: Yes, yes he did:


Super cool Ultimate for Glacius. Having him beat down someone enough to lay them out, launch them up and let them fall onto ice shards, that’s great. Love the screen edges freezing at the end. Nice work guys. Now to be hyped to play these tomorrow and go back to praying that enough support can be shown for the rest of the cast to join the fun.


Okay, Glacius’ was pretty sick. I love how his head moves watching the opponent fall into the ice spike, that’s a great touch.


Glacius is an all round badass. Really happy with his ultimate :-).


Damn that one was really good.


The nash cameo killed me :joy::joy::joy::joy:


That Akuma one is sick. Wish we would have had something similar in the actual game. Good job on these, appreciate it!

Good guy @rukizzel


That’s the last Ultimate guys :cry:


What if they announce ultimates for the rest of the roster at Gamescom? :thinking:


As much as I’d love it, I think we would have already of heard something at gamescom if that was the case. Can’t see there being any announcements left for the show as the doors are open to the public to try the games.


When can we download the ultimates


Hey new to the forum but been playing KI since I was a kid on snes. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the ultimates. Anxious to finally do glacius finisher. Gah so awesome


It’s up everyone!!


I think it’s pretty well known I haven’t liked most of the ultimates so far, but I will admit, Glacius’ ultimate is pretty good.


what time zone? :slight_smile:


Glacius’ is pretty cool but I also have a pull towards hisako. I can’t use her very well yet but I like her moves. Her ultimate is very paranormal activity-ish


I’m in mountain time


Does the ULT pack come out today?




The Ultimates Monster Pack is now LIVE.

Get them here - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/ultimates-monster-pack/bndc9v0d9ct7