Ultimates Monster Pack


For which part?


Doing Hisakos ultimate on Rash is so good. You won’t be disappointed. To be fair Rash usually steals the show when it comes to who to perform an ultimate on but still.


Glacius’ was good but it seemed like when Eyedol got hit backwards that when he landed he was floating in mid air, felt like he should have either been farther back or lower to the ground. D:

Otherwise pretty good, though the hype built up from those who had seen is months ago kinda left me a little disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the hype train around his Ultimate left me with too much anticipation too I think. It’s still good though, just not my favorite in this pack.


My personal rating for the pack:

  1. Hisako
  2. Wulf
  3. Aganos
  4. Glacius
  5. Mira

My top 3 are kinda arbitrarily arranged. Hisako, Wulf, and Aganos have Ultimate finishers that I like very much. Glacius is very good, but not quite my favorite. Mira being the weakest, but still watchable in my opinion

Overall I’m happy with the Ultimates we got. Some of them could’ve been cooler, but not every finisher in KI’s history has been super great or iconic anyway (or even Mortal Kombat’s. Look at the entire PS2 era of MK games as an example of some weak fatalities). I think they’ve done a good job and hopefully I can look forward to seeing them for the rest of the cast!





Well, now KI won’t even launch. I even tried a hard reset.



Are the ultimates working for PC players?


I don’t think it’s a KI-related issue:


…you know I was just thinking, and I don’t know why I didn’t think to ask before, but does the blood effects still appear when the black curtain comes up?
Or does it hide the blood due to it being part of the background?


Fyi - ultimates ARE working on PC! :smiley:


Fun Fact: Every character has a unique pose when Hisako breaks their body in her Ultimate

Sometimes to humorous effect


… Is that Tusk? XD




Yeah, I was expecting some crazy amazing thing but it was okay. Better than others, worse than some. It certainly wasn’t as jaw dropping as certain privileged community members who got the early viewing made it out to be.

Overall it was good, so I’m not going to complain. :stuck_out_tongue:


My poor husbando…
He used to be fearless…


“■■■■. Sweety, what was the safeword again? I forgot… Sweety? :flushed:



I’m yoinking this for the meme thread. :joy: