Too Good To Be True

any idea on who I should ask?

There’s an art subforum - go there. You’ll find some. :slight_smile:

thanks, and I hope you get the chance to see my redesigned Tessen Wielder thread

Hey… I’m trash in Overwatch. It happens.

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Dunno if you’d want me to as I’m very critical of character ideas. Most are poorly developed, unoriginal, unbalanced, etc.

Just picked that up since it was on sale. Want to lose together sometime?

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its ok, because when you see how I redesigned her, you will be surprised, and to give you a short hint, she has a Multi-combo Zoning rushdown style meaning she can do chain combos on the ground and air while also using zoning moves to trap opponents and close distances

Sounds like Maya to me…

it may at first but she has a command normal that launched an opponent into the air after she does a grounded chain combo allowing her to start an air combo, she even has a command normal that allows her to hover in the air if she does a flipout air combo, I can send you a link if you want

and now that I got it posted, I hope someone answers

Yeah, I’ll give it a look. Still sounds like Maya though, since she can use her launcher special followed by daggers on hit to put her opponent into a juggle state. She may not hover, but she sure can leap!

here you go

I’ve been having low self esteem issues with KI recently… Don’t mind me.

But thanks for your concern. :smiley:


Between these forums and the game, I think I suffer from anxiety…


I’ve been having similar experiences in lower gold rankings, but it makes sense. The hardcore fans are definitely checking things out, and I’m more of a casual that ends up caught in the crossfire. Admittedly it made me saltier then than it does now, but I think maybe this’ll just be a good time to sit back, refine/have fun in exhibition, and come back to ranked in a better state of mind.

Eh. For me it comes and goes.

This is why I don’t play KI as frequently as I used to. It feels like everyone is getting better except me.

I’m right there with you. While I do see improvement, it seems to be slower than everyone else. For example, I still can’t consistently do manuals unless it’s after an opener or shadow move.

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That’s something that comes with practice. I used to go to training, and set the dummy to 20% health.

Then do an ultra, instinct Cancel, and try to do nothing but manuals. If I failed, I had to restart again, and wait for the meter and instinct to fill again. It sucked to start again.

But it forced me to learn the manual timings. And when you get all manuals, without dropping them into a ultra ender…

You feel like this lol

My issue is performing manuals after linkers.