Too Good To Be True

Ooh, I’d like to see that in action. My strategy has always been to attack them when they think they’re safe when they’re really not.

Download/upload speed doesn’t really determine how smooth KI runs. It isn’t the speed that matters. It requires minimal speed. What matter is latency,ping, and stuff.


with Kim Wu by my side, she is perfect for it too, and be warned, they will be rage quitting victims from Kim Wu’s Dancing Dragon Barrage, which btw is the name I came up with for her Ultra, and guaranteed, it will be doubled if I end up with instinct from taking any lucky damage, only a few people know how to counter me which is why I have many strong rivals and allies, but anyone who falls too quickly become prey eliminated

the name “HUMAN HUNTER205” isn’t just for show, once you have been marked, you become my target to be eliminated

Question: when you succeed, you change your gametag into HUMANHUNTER206?

Also, I’m interested about being your next target ^^

Latency/ping hovers between 40ms on the low end and 100 on the high end.

I’ve fought my fair share of really good Kim Wu players and she’s 1 of my mains easier matchup, generally speaking.

the name doesn’t change, its because the others before me failed, became hunted by someone stronger than them, or have retired their titles as hunters

and just who would THAT be?

Send me an invite when I am online and find out. :wink:

Here’s a hint. He is rock hard.

I can’t right now, my xbox is down at the moment, once its bac up i’ll send an invite

I like to think of him as more of a gentle giant, but yeah, he’s a mountain of a man…

in other words, Aganos? I pretty much know how to stop aganos, he is weak to heavies, and grabs

Pretty much. Geek is big on breaking too, so counter break.

I certainly hope you’ll bring more than that…

Can you guys not help him please… Jeez! :unamused:

btw, i’m trying to find someone to do some artwork for my redesigned Tessen Wielder idea, any recommendations on who I could ask?

What’s Tessen Wielder?

a Tessen Wielder meaning an Metal Fan User like Kitana from MK and Mai Shiranui from KOF

Ah, I see. Hisako has a fan. :yum: