Too Good To Be True

So, I started playing KI post-patch, and I was quickly reminded of the pro-level players coming out of the woodwork. In exhibition, I win most of my fights and haven’t lost a fight in over 2 weeks (I had a vacation, mind you), and then all of a sudden I get creamed post-patch 4x in a row by:

a) the best Maya I’ve ever seen.
b) the best Thunder I’ve ever seen.
c) the best Kan-Ra I’ve ever seen.
d) a top 32 player, with 3 pro stars.

Where have all the scrubs gone!? These guys are so good they were practically dancing around me seemingly without missing a beat (or setups, or manuals, or timing, etc.). It felt like my combo-breakers and blocks weren’t working almost at all (and in some cases lag seemed to all but ensure it, seemingly making the game run buttery smooth for one moment as if I were playing offline only to skip a beat a moment later via the smoothest rubberbanding I’ve ever seen in a videe game).

How is it that some people feel like unbeatable robots, but are like cockroaches to darkness when it comes to updates?

The worst part is the lag messed up the replays, so I can’t even go back and learn from the fights… :’(

I won’t lie. I’m defintely feeling salty right now.

Oh well… Off to class.


Maybe you just got unlucky and got beat 4 times in a row by high-level players.



■■■■ happens. Relax, learn from the experience, and come back another day. Everyone have bad streaks.

Also,I wouldn’t use the word “scrubs”. Just an advice

Man up bro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good players playing the game after a patch to test out the new changes? Say it ain’t so!


Give it 2 weeks and most will be gone. They just want to buy the skin with cash, play it on stream to get some quick donations, and then will be gone.

If you want to fight a scrub, I could face you with my Maya or my Kim

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I feel like these two thoughts have nothing to do with one another :confused:


I’ve seen this for my entire KI career.

Because I. Am. Trash.

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No, you are not!


It’s who I am. It’s who I’ve always been…

Edit: I’ve just recently discovered it.

Well you have said it yourself that your internet speed is trash…so how is it their fault it lags? The lag is definitely coming from you since your speed is slow and you use WiFi?

It happens man… just think those 2 seeks were you didnt loose at all, the scrubs on the other side were feeling how you feel now.

It happens, but NO ONE is UNBEATABLE.

I do NOT use WiFi…

@Crainiak24 Why do I sense a trap?

@Dayv0 I don’t usually use the term, but I couldn’t think of another at the time of posting, since I was in a hurry to get to class.

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Good for you! Whats your INT speed?

Do you think you would have won with perfect game connection with NO lag?

you know keith, if I ever got to face you, you would be shocked on how I fight on K.I.

6Mbps down, which meets XBL requirements, @FallofSeraphs76. And no, likely not, but I would’ve had a much better chance without the lag - of that I’m certain… After all, it’s hard to fight against something you’re seeing that’s already happened or that causes your inputs to come out later than intended.

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How do you fight in KI?

That would be the minimum, but is still very slow connection.

I mean, I have 300 Mbps, and sometimes (rarely) I get lag. Playing with 6 Mbps must be… disheartening

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In most cases, 1 on 1, it’s fine. I’d estimate lag occurs on the average, 1 out of every 10 matches or so, and distance is an obvious factor.

you could say " I go into Hunter Mode" and develop strategies to not only keep my opponent guessing, but to make them afraid to try anything unsafe, then I rush them down and tear into them to the point I go for overkill with big damage