TJ Combo' Ultimate

For those who aren’t watched yet:

For thie first time, I’m seriously disappointed about this one.
I expected so much more from TJ Combo.
I’ll repeat myself but a damn Falcon Punch isn’t enough imo for an Ultimate.

Damn it’s TJ Combo, guys! xD.
COMBO. Add him more hits, or do a different angle per hit to add more brutal “effect”.
But please change it.
Even the stage mercy is better than this one^^".


I just think he needs to do something else. Right now it’s literally powerline > medium auto double > powerline ender… Hype?

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It just need some tweeks. Like bone cracking sounds and full cross screen final punch.


Agreed. The others are great, but this is just pathetic… Even HK SMash did a video shocked by how bad it is.


after the charged punch at the beginning he should have gone all dbz on her punching her like 15 times before finishing off with the final across the screen punch

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While I sincerely doubt they’re going to change it, I wouldn’t mind it if they added some bone crunching sound effects and maybe changed the ending so that while the opponent is still wobbling, he turns and launches them, then turns around once more and walks away.

I dunno, while I see some cool parts here, like smacking his fists together, the turn and walk as the opponent crumples to the ground, I agree with the sentiment that it’s a bit underwhelming on the whole. Jago launches a massive fireball, Thunder has this huge electrical storm, Tusk creates this aura of fire etc, and TJ just hits you a few times. Still, like I said, I tend to doubt they’ll do anything about it, but for an ultimate, it seems really tame in comparison to the others.

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As much as it deserves a rework, it just isn’t feasible given the deadline.

Instead, I honestly believe that it can be fixed with editing magic. By adding both sound and slowing down each hit there will be a much more booming feeling. The oomph on each hit will be felt despite the lack of hits ending in a devastating final blow with magnificent sound effects.

Really, it can be done without having to go back and rework animations and everything.

A perfect example of the devastating impact of sound and slowed frames is in this early Season 2 Stage Ultra.!Ako0CAqXOrU6gXkJlWBtZofP-169

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Its pretty lackluster compared to the others, but not terrible.

Just needs an indication of how hard the punch was, since it broke Mira’s neck.

Example being a slow-mo, or like what @CrimsonScorch88 said, a sound effect.

At least that’s what I think

I actually like TJs ultimate, specifically for that final blow and walk away greatness! Since I do music, sound, and voiceover (hence my gamertag), I went ahead and made a short sound design demo for my website sweetening up some of those hits. It’s subtle, but I think effective and gives some power to the punches!


That’s a nice change. Hope the Devs can see. Maybe they can help calm the people that VERY much dislike TJ’s, without having to redo it? (Due to time, I’m assuming)

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I like TJ’s Ultimate, but I totally agree that the final-final punch could be made to have more impact with a nasty CRUNCH sound, or something to that nature. That way, you’d hear that TJ broke something (bones, servos, ???), and his opponent can’t stand even if they wanted to. :skull:


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Thank you. Yeah, I don’t think it needs to be completely redone or anything. They’ve had incredible sound design throughout the majority of the game. It seems the sound design focused on TJ’s punches kind of cutting through the air - which actually sounds pretty cool as is! I just thought it would’ve been nice if they emphasized the impact of the punches, as well.

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Imagine if TJ powerlined dramatically toward the victim but instead of a Powerline Straight it was a powerline uppercut. Angles plus effects making it seem as if his uppercut has crazy weight behind it. He cracks you sky high; As you fall TJ winds up his fist like he does with his DP but instead of a second upper he does a powerful Sparking Azure Straight shot to the body. Like a supercharged version of his Damage Ender. Barrage Ender with Powerline Sparks.

Upon impact the Opponent burst into that blue energy that TJ emmits then dissipates into nothingness. TJ Combo just punched his opponent into atoms. TJ at lethal levels can Atomize his opponent with the explosive force of his Fist.

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I think the problem this ultimate has is that it doesn’t sell the kill shot like tusks, Maya’s, or even thunders does. It’s implied that ultimates kill the opponent so that last hit should have that umph factor that I feel this one lacks, though some sound design choices can help this as many here have stated already I think.


^This I like.

Calling for a total rework is unnecessary. But giving it a little extra oomph with some revamped audio and maybe some use of slow-mo and it’d easily be among my favorites. The other subtle bits of badass following the final blow are awesome and carry the Ultimate into coolness.

I mean come on. TJ’s a boxer. He punches people in the face. While not inherently impressive, the spectacle comes from the sheer power of the blows. Give him a bit of a bass boost and he’ll be right on top!


out of all the non violent finishers such as injustice or marvel, this is the best idea they can come up with? all recycled close ups of special moves?

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We finally get ultimates and you’re still unhappy? Hush. :no_mouth:


I just think ultimates need some more voice work, death cries, and ultimate activation line and maybe a finishing line.

The problem we are talking about here is that one, compared to the others, and specially compared to the character lore/moveset itself is just meh.