Third Character Guessing Game

Who or what do you think it is going to be? Eagle? Joanna Dark? or something new entirely (other)? discuss.

Those are the 3 choices I have. Eagle or Joanna, or someone completely different

We know this much: This was what Rukari said about the possibility of a 3rd remix

So at least from a gameplay perspective they will be completely unique.

Did I miss something? Who’s the second character?

We don’t know who the next character is. But what we do know is the second character is a Hisako remix based on the hints and clues.

My money’s on eagle, he was hinted in the novella, implied in S2 story mode and shadow lords and was talked about before when IG talked to nez perce on thunders alternate.


if it’s a new character, I still think war fan user would be perfect for K.I.

You mean a “tessen” war fan like Mai from KoF/Kitana from MK or you mean like the traditional fans on a stick used to signal troops in fuedal Japan that they like to have people like Takeda Shingen use as a weapon for some odd reason in the Samurai Warriors games? Lol.

If a Mai/Kitana style warrior kunoichi (female ninja) yeah I could get behind that as I love playing as both of those characters. The latter style of “war fan”… not so much, lol.

More like the first one you said, after all, I even got an idea involving a Tessen War Fan Character

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Ah well then you certainly have my vote as promised, lol. Not that it matters… but if it did…

2-Jo Dark

That’s the most obvious suspects

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here, this will make it easier for you to see what my idea of a Tessen War fan character would be

shadow orchid

I think it’s Shadow Orchid, except her batons are replaced with two short swords.

Have to go with Eagle, and if it isn’t Eagle I think Season 4 is a strong possibility.

I’d guess at eagle although I’m kinda hoping they save him for season 4. Complete with a retro and a stage.

I still hope for wendingo or lovecraftian. Leave my hopes be alive till they can.

Hoping for Eagle, but anything other than JD will be fine. We don’t need the one character that is not a remix to be another spy character.


Joanna Dark or a medusa like creature or maybe a Greek human themed fighter

It’s either Joanna, Eagle, or Ultratech’s vacuum